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Game Marketing Making the Cut

Game Marketing Making the Cut Winner Announced

Check out the winner of the 2012 Game Marketing Making the Cut competition below.

2012 Game Marketing Making the Cut competition
Presented by Ubisoft, Man Made Music, Jason Marks Talent, Workshop Creative, The Ant Farm and PromaxBDA, the creative objective of this competition is to produce, write and edit a game trailer that captures the essence of "Assassin’s Creed", one of the top selling video games.



Competition Closed




Congratulations to Aaron Evans, the 2012 Game Marketing Awards Making the Cut Winner. Aaron, a student at Bethany Lutheran College, submitted an amazing piece titled "The Path You’ve Chosen." Judges graded all entries on creativity, production quality and marketing objectives. Thank you to Ubisoft, Ant Farm and Workshop Creative for all their support.

PromaxBDA would like to acknowledge Bethany Lutheran College's Media Arts Department for providing students with a unique curriculum emphasis on completing real-world projects using the same processes as today's creative agencies. Bethany Lutheran students are learning the functions of different creative roles and are experiencing firsthand how to work together to create a stronger end product.

A warm, heartfelt thanks to Man Made Music for providing their music library and to Jason Marks for providing students access to professional voice over talent! You can view all of the award winning spots on the right hand "recent winner highlights" section.

Congratulations, Aaron!

To participate in the Game Marketing Making the Cut competition, follow these steps:

1. Create a profile
2. Download footage from Ubisoft to create either a :30 or :60 trailer.
3. Use the music library provided Man Made Music
4. Visit for a list of professional voice over talent to use to read your copy
5. Choose a voice-over artist who you think works best with your trailer
6. Send your first three voice over choices along with your script and any direction to Brittney McDade
7. Allow two business days for Jason Marks Talent to get your narration back to you
8. Please note you do not have to use Jason Marks Talent
5. Read the advice provided by game marketing professionals

What you could win
The winner will have his or her work highlighted on the “Assassin’s Creed” website and Facebook page as well as Ubisoft’s Facebook page.

The winner will also receive a one-night hotel stay at the Intercontinental Hotel and Resorts and a complimentary registration to the 2012 Game Marketing Summit & Awards in San Francisco on April 17 at the Yuerba Buena Center for the Arts.



Is this competition open to high school students or college graduates?
No. This competition is only open to current undergraduate college students.

Can I submit more than one trailer?
Yes. You can submit as many trailers as you’d like.

Does it cost anything to submit?
No. Submitting your trailer to the Game Marketing Making the Cut competition is free.

Do I have to use the music provided for my trailer?
You may use music from the Man Made Music library provided OR your own originally composed music.

Can I create my own footage to use in the trailer?
Yes. You may also use footage that you originally created.

If I am not a US citizen, am I eligible to compete?


tips from the pros

1) Know your audience
A good video is one that your core demographic can relate to. Understand your audience's tastes, and tailor the heck out of the video so that it resonates with the viewer.

2) Tell a good story
The saying "All flash and no substance" applies here. No matter how flashy a video is, it will only be effective if its viewers can derive meaning from it. Think about your favorite movies. Behind every great cinematic feature lies a good story. While the dissection of good story telling can be discussed ad nauseum, know that the basic structure of a good story applies: it should have a beginning, middle, and an end.

3) Make it stand out
In the age of Youtube, it's becoming increasingly difficult to make a video stand out from the crowd. Here are a few suggestions...

  • Try using motion graphics, or even dynamic static graphics! Graphics can be the dynamic element that takes your video to the next level. Paired up with effective storytelling, motion graphics can be the difference between a video looking amateurish and professional. Caution! Bad graphics can also lead to a video looking amateurish. Do it right or don't do it at all.

  • Implementing good music and sound design. The use of audio as a dynamic element in video production cannot be understated. Music and sound design can invoke moods/feelings, often setting the tone for excitement, melancholy, suspense, joy, horror or humor. Spice up a boring video with good audio design.

  • Think outside the box! The best videos are those that are wacky, unconventional, and weird. Try to come up with an idea that strives to be different from the others. Whether it's a twist on normal storytelling conventions, strange visual aesthetics, or a humorous parody of its source material, don't be afraid to make a statement by being bold and different


To download files right click the links below and select "save link as" (or "download linked file as") to save the file to your drive.


Download Ubisoft footage (zip)


Download Man Made Music audio files (zip)

Other Material

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Logos (zip)


Questions? Contact Miracle McClain, industry development and diversity program coordinator, at or 310.789.1539.

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