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PromaxBDA prioritizes its commitment to the academic community. We work closely with faculty to create real-world learning experiences for students across the disciplines from which the industry recruits, including communications, television and film, media arts, design and marketing.

PromaxBDA designed a partnership strategy that enables us to effectively work with our academic partners to broaden and strengthen the pipeline of student talent entering into the industry. Click HERE to learn how we work.

Become a PromaxBDA365 Academic member today, and gain access to the industry and exclusive content. Additional information and details can be found HERE.

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A great educator is one who integrates industry knowledge and practice into the learning experience. PromaxBDA takes every opportunity to provide its academic partners with direct access to its exclusive industry content.

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Evan Shapiro Talks TV101


New Best Practices 2012

How Integrated is Your Campaign?

The Art of Title Design

State of Design

Copy Chops: Unleashing Your Writing Genius

The Wonder Years: What Careers in Marketing Taught Television’s Top Executives

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scholars program

The PromaxBDA Scholars Program provides total industry access to attend conference sessions, connect with industry leaders, spotlight your talent and network. PromaxBDA Scholars immerse themselves in the world of entertainment marketing and ignite meaningful relationships with future hiring managers.

Check out the full list of 2013 PromaxBDA Scholars HERE.

"Being chosen to participate in the inaugural PromaxBDA Scholars program was not only a wonderful and humbling experience but also an amazing chance to meet with some of the most talented and creative people in the television marketing, promotion and design industry. Because of this program, I was blessed with an offer to work at where I am now the full-time On-Air Promotions Motion Designer. The wealth of information I gained from this event will always be an invaluable part of my learning experience throughout my career." – Tony Grajeda, SCAD

"The PromaxBDA Scholars Program was truly a life changing experience for me on so many levels. Before attending the program, I was unsure of what path to take in my career; my goal was just to "get hired." After taking part in this amazing opportunity, I can genuinely say that I've found my focus and I know what I want and where I see myself in five years." – Arceny Castillo, City College of New York

"The Scholars Program afforded the opportunity to truly engage with insightful, influential individuals. Whether in brief conversations or more formal discussions, the conference lived up to its title – engage. As someone who spent four years studying the television industry and its future, to be an active participant in such thought-provoking conference sessions was beyond rewarding (and so much fun!). The scholars program instills a heightened self-awareness and offers indispensable guidance to navigating one's own career path." – Charlotte Lipman, Syracuse University

"The PromaxBDA program offered me face time with industry executives, professionals and artists alike. The PromaxBDA team is passionate about the industry and creating opportunities/connections for their scholars. This is one of the best programs a student interested in the media industry can be selected for. The prestige and access of this opportunity is second to none" – Eric Donnelle Beard, Howard University

"Since becoming a 2013 PromaxBDA Scholar, I have been able to build a global network of media influencers and entertainment marketing professionals from around the world! The program provided me with the tools to navigate the fast-changing landscape of the media industry and the opportunity to bridge the gap between the "creatives" and the "suits." As the first cohort of PromaxBDA Scholars, we represented the emerging millennial generation of entertainment marketing innovators." – Jonathan Hanna, Morehouse College

"The Scholars Program and the PromaxBDA conference not only helped me gain valuable insight about the television industry but also opened many doors of opportunity that I wouldn't have had elsewhere. The people I met and the contacts I made at the conference have led to exciting opportunities and new experiences. I highly recommend the Scholars Program to students or recent graduates who want to learn and contribute their talents to a constantly evolving media industry." – Shelby Romero, University of Southern California

creative internship

In a deliberate effort to identify and recruit high-potential, diverse creative student talent into the sports and entertainment marketing industries, PromaxBDA created the PromaxBDA Creative Internship Program. Working closely with participating networks, local stations and agencies across the United States, PromaxBDA places students with demonstrated creative acumen and ambition in full-time paid internships that are designed to train and/or convert student talent into the workforce.

Moving away from a “foot in the door” mindset, PromaxBDA supports emerging talent in their efforts to make a successful transition into the entertainment marketing workforce, and then, thrive in the early stages of their careers.

student opportunities

PromaxBDA designs opportunities for students to help them make a successful transition into the media and entertainment marketing industry. PromaxBDA offers a suite of programs including student competitions, Student Portfolio Night, HR Roundtable, discounted conference registrations and exclusive invitations to industry networking events that all create a robust opportunity for students to build relationships to the industry in meaningful ways. The industry looks to our student opportunities as a resource for talent acquisition.

2014 PromaxBDA Scholars Program

June 10, 2014

Final Deadline: February 28, 2014

2014 Student Story Challenge

March 16, 2014

Final Deadline: March 16, 2014

Event Management Internship Program

Final Deadline: February 28, 2014

Student Portfolio Night

More information coming soon

HR Roundtable

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More information coming soon.

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