PromaxBDA Ambassadors Go Above and Beyond

Feb 02, 2012

By Emily Little
PromaxBDA Member Outreach Manager

The participants in PromaxBDA’s Ambassador Program have been busy this year! In January alone, Heather Porter of FOX helped us host the Promo Pathway graduation on their studio lot, Rick Dascher of Turner’s Sponsor Shop gave career advice to SCAD Atlanta students at a PromaxBDA career panel, and just last night Tara Tzirlin of Crown Media ran an interview skills workshop for the Promo Pathway students. And this is on top of their day jobs!

I’m constantly blown away by how far above and beyond our ambassadors go for PromaxBDA. They’re excited about what we do, share great ideas for what more we could be doing, and are passionate about our industry.

The Ambassador Program was created in 2010 with the goal of maintaining direct contact with our more than 5,000 members at the grassroots level. They’re our first point of contact at each network, and directly influence membership by spreading the word about PromaxBDA events and priorities. In turn, they give us valuable feedback from their networks about how we can better serve them with our programs and events.  Most of our ambassadors are in the program as a way to get more involved with PromaxBDA, to be the first to know what’s going on here, to make more industry connections, and to have a greater impact on our association. Some have the time to host events and do double duty, also participating in our mentorship programs. And some do their part just by rallying their coworkers to come to an event, or giving their department a heads-up about early bird rates for awards submissions and conference registrations.

They are a huge help in our drive to make PromaxBDA relevant to our members and in return we provide them with lots of cool perks, like a profile on our website, invites to VIP member events and their very own private session and luncheon at PromaxBDA: The Conference. The private session at the 2011 Conference, “Navigating a Creative Career” with Chris McCumber, Co-President of USA Network, was a huge hit, and one we intend to repeat at this year’s event by letting the ambassadors submit their own ideas for speakers and topics, then vote on them.

I’d love to expand our ambassador network even more in 2012 so if you know someone who would be a good fit please let me know! There are no official requirements except being a PromaxBDA fan and wanting to get other people excited about it too. Feel free to contact me at for more info about the Ambassador Program or any of our other member programs.

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