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Awards Season: Writing a Great Creative Brief

by User Not Found | Jan 17, 2012

We’re entering Awards Season here at PromaxBDA, with no less than four different competitions currently accepting entries, the PromaxBDA Europe, Game MarketingGlobal Excellence and North America Promotion and Marketing and Design Awards, and the PromaxBDALocal Awards.

As you prepare your promotional materials for submission (be it a digital media, print or premium and collateral entry), it can be easy to get caught up in the audio and/or visual elements and neglect the marketing objective portion of your entry. Of course, the work itself is the most important factor in determining the winners, but our judges also pay close attention to your written creative strategy as it helps them determine how well the campaign has been executed from start to finish. In fact, your submission’s marketing objective accounts for one-third of your overall score, so it’s important to get it right.

Shawn Anderson, PromaxBDA’s director of marketing and communications, offers these tips for writing an awards entry marketing objective that stands out:

“Clearly define your project including relevant background information, important findings from research, your audience, story you want to tell, who will need to review/approve the project and any unusual rights issues. Don’t forget to include the total budget for the project.”

“Outline the roles and responsibilities of each group participating, especially on larger projects where multiple departments are going to be involved such as on-air, off-air, digital, etc.”

“Clearly state your goals and objectives.”

“Know your target group.  Use information from research or focus groups to fine tune the message when possible and where appropriate.”

Good luck and be sure to note the upcoming deadlines for all competitions below!

*PromaxBDA Europe Awards: Due January 26; entry fee increases January 20

*PromaxBDA Game Marketing Awards: Due February 17; no entry fee increase

*Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards: Due March 15; entry fee increases February 17 and March 2

*PromaxBDALocal Awards: Due April 5; entry fee increases March 16