Branded Content Best Practices 2015

Part I: Beating Digital at its Own Game

Digital platforms believe they've discovered the Holy Grail of advertising: branded content that consumers willingly share and recommend. Brands call this converting "paid media" into "earned media," but how does it actually work? Who are the influencers they rely on to share the content, and why would anyone trust them?

Brian Briskman, President + Creative Director, B2+

Part II: How Do We Know If Our Work… Worked?

The question is as old as the hills, and getting a definitive answer has proven elusive for just as long. Creative marketing partnerships are drafted, crafted and meticulously rolled out, but ultimately their impact on consumer purchasing behavior remains difficult to determine. Now, new ways of measuring key performance indicators are emerging that may finally change that. Turner Broadcasting’s ROI NOW capability, for example, is quickly becoming one of the more comprehensive methodologies in the industry. There’s a new math, and it’s time get your numbers straight.

Dan Riess, EVP, Integrated Marketing and Branded Content, Turner Broadcasting

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