The Creative Weapon

You can’t pay to place an ad in someone’s memory… or can you? As the points of contact with our audiences dwindle or shift, the quality of our interactions is more important than ever. Creative that resonates with the audience is not only more impactful one-to-one, but can grow to take on life of its own. A successful marketing plan must not only be about click-through, but about content that stays with the audience after they’ve clicked away.


Murphy Gilson

SVP, Brand & Creative, Pivot

Murphy Gilson is the award-winning SVP of brand and creative for Pivot, Participant Media’s new television network. Prior to joining Pivot, Gilson launched DIRECTV’s original content channel, Audience, and spent 10 years helping to create prominent campaigns at Fox. He’s also worked at TLC and PBS, and for such clients as the NFL Network, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, ABC Family, G4 and GSN. Gilson is also a director and independent filmmaker, having created several films that have toured the international festival circuit.

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