Best Foot Forward: The Art of the Follow-up

You shared in a pitch-perfect resumé, nailed your interview, and were able to leave a lasting impression. Way to go! Keep up the momentum. By mastering the art of the follow-up, you’ll keep the HR professionals wanting more. Join us as Promax and BLT Recruiting gives you an inside look at what recruiters search for in candidates, learn the nuances of how and when to send reach out, and tips on building and maximizing your network. 

Recorded February 23, 2022

The Best Foot Forward sessions are created in collaboration with BLT Recruiting.

At BLT, we are producers, creators, culture, and talent professionals turned recruiters. Our clients trust our point of view because we know their world. We exist to celebrate people for their talents and we diligently strive to make long-lasting client-candidate matches, every time. To us, it’s not just a job.

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