Bravery is Required: How to Wake the F*ck Up and Confront Racism

Our country is in a moment right now, and the racism so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our culture cannot be solved without a massive collective effort. While facing it can be overwhelming and deeply uncomfortable, this discomfort is a prerequisite for growth and bravery is required. 

How can we act bravely, in our own capacity, to help uproot systemic racism in our industry and extend it to the world at large? We’ll lean into the moment with a meaningful discussion on the obstacles ahead, the need for vulnerability, the fear of failure, and how networks, brands, agencies, and individuals can rock the boat from right where you stand. We decide what gets seen and what voices are heard, so how do we use those powers to create lasting change with the content we make, the organizational structure we’re within, and our own individual voices?

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