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2023 Promax Local Awards Show

The Promax Local Awards are the industry’s premier celebration of outstanding achievement in local broadcast marketing and promotion.

Promax India

Join us in Mumbai for a 2-day Promax experience. Get inspired and learn from the best.

The Future is Human – Shivvy Jervis

Nervous about AI? In this session, you’ll be reminded that the future isn’t solely technological — it will be people-led. Learn how the role of evolving jobs, skills, and mindsets will play into the crucial shifts that are shaping our future. Gain practical tips for powerfully engaging and holding the attention of colleagues and clients. Even as the world changes rapidly, you’re still in control!

Cracking the Code of GenZ Marketing – Fabienne Fourquet

For broadcasters, it's crucial to understand the behavior and preferences of their newest and fastest-growing audience segment — Generation Z. Hosted by Fabienne Fourquet, CEO of Digital Agency 2btube, this session will provide a deep dive into the unique mindset and decision-making process of this demographic. Examine case studies from broadcasters and streamers who have successfully managed to engage Gen Z, and leave with a comprehensive roadmap for developing successful marketing strategies to drive growth and engagement for your broadcasting organization.

How Web3 & Blockchain will change marketing forever – Landy Slattery

What is the blockchain/web3 and why do we care? Why pay money for a jpeg? What does the future of brand experiences look like in the metaverse? At a moment in time when creativity and technology are colliding, this session will delve into the answers to all these questions and more. Learn what the future might look like — and how brands are responding to this brave new world.

Creatives on Creativity – Steve Brouwers

Get ready to take your creativity to the next level with insights from top creatives! Join Promax member Steve Brouwers as he shares the best tips he's gathered from the experts. From the secret to unlocking your most creative self to the role of failure in the creative process, this book covers it all. Be inspired by candid conversations with the likes of Debbie Milman, Stefan Sagmeister, and Shawna X, George Lois, Yuko Shimizu, Paula Scher, Mr Bingo as they share their life stories and delve into their creative journeys. A must-go session for anyone looking to ignite their imagination and bring their creative vision to life!

Metaverse Marketing – Ashley Lewis

Discover the boundless opportunities waiting for broadcasters in the metaverse, as Lewis showcases innovative examples from broadcasters who have embraced the metaverse in their marketing strategies, unlocking its full potential in a creative and impactful manner. Get ready to be inspired and learn how you can elevate your own broadcasting strategies to the next level in the metaverse.….

The Power of Creative Connections – Richard Holman

For a long time we’ve lived with the myth of the lone genius: the tortured artist, alone in their attic, waiting for the lightning bolt of inspiration to strike. The truth is that creativity is borne of collaboration and connection. Not just between people, but between ideas, insights, experiences, and especially between the artist, their work and their audience. In this uplifting and inspirational session author and coach Richard Holman will celebrate the power of creative connections and explain how, even in the atomised 21st century, creativity has the capacity to connect us all.

How 4 GenZs became Europe’s biggest TikTok News Player – Gabriela Campbell & Daniela Alvarez

Daniela Alvarez and Gabriela Campbell, along with Paula Muñoz and Maria Murillo, are the brilliant minds behind Ac2ality, a rapidly growing media company that has taken the Spanish-speaking world on TikTok by storm. Ac2ality, which delivers news in a clear, objective, and entertaining manner, is now the leading Spanish-language news publisher on TikTok, with 4.4 million followers amassed in just under two years. In this session, learn how Daniela and Gabriela harnessed the enormous power of TikTok to make their dream a reality.

CULTIVATE – Los Angeles

Your table is waiting. Join us for a different type of networking. CULTIVATE: A Promax Dinner Experience serves up an opportunity for curated networking in Los Angeles!


The Boom of FAST Channels – Marion Ranchet

Unlock the secrets to success with the FAST channel business model in this enlightening panel discussion! Explore the ins and outs of the FAST channel, including its objectives, content, monetization strategies, and more. Watch as this innovative concept transforms from a niche idea to a powerhouse of top brands, extensive libraries, and industry influencers. Join us as we delve into the exciting world of FAST channels, and leave knowing how to make your mark in the world of direct-to-consumer streaming.

How to Talk to Kids – Monika Oomen

What do a kids’ campaign and a sandwich have in common?

Monika Oomen, Vice President of Brand, Communications and Franchise for Warner Bros. Discovery’s EMEA Kids, will discuss food. Food for thought. In a competitive and saturated market full of distractions, impulses and content, how do you get heard and noticed? How do you communicate your brand values in a way that speaks to kids? Discover the ingredients key to a successful kids’ campaign and diving into of language study, and ways of engagement mixed with top tips and tricks from Cartoon Network.

Copycat or Coincidence? – Joe La Pompe

Hunting Similar Ideas in the World of Advertising.

For 20 years, Joe la Pompe has worked incognito to pursue his passion for uncovering identical ads, and is now the world’s best known “copycat hunter.” In other words, he’s a real pain in the ass for lazy creatives worldwide. In this session, he’ll share his story, showing stunning examples of twin advertising concepts to raise these questions: Why are there so many identical ads? Has everything already been said and done? Can we still find original ideas, and make them feel fresh, today?

The Power of Podcasting as Part of Your 360 Marketing Plan (and how to make audio = success!) – Tom Billington

Podcasting advertising investment in Europe is expected to reach 207.2 million euros in 2023, setting the table for brands to leverage the intimate medium of audio to build major reach. In this session, UK-based creative studio Granny Eats Wolf shares the latest podcasting innovations, stats on industry growth, and case studies showcasing how this brilliant medium is being used by big brands to enhance marketing strategy and give unique return on investment. Podcasting isn’t even close to reaching its potential — find out why in this session.

Creative Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Generative AI – Martin Gent

Join AI Consultant and Creative Director, Martin Gent as he shares his experience using the latest generative AI tools. Learn about AI-assisted creativity and see inspiring examples of how it's being used in creative workflows to produce impactful content. From text, image and video generation to AI augmented voice-overs, music and more. Get practical tips to ride the generative AI wave and unleash your creativity in new and exciting ways. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the revolutionarytechnology set to transform the film and TV industry.

Be a Creative Ally: How to Twin for Victory – Charlotte Berman, Jane Fielder, Diana Kudasheva, Alex Twista, Sasha Alymov & Masha Bystrova

How do you show your support for Ukraine and breathe more creativity into your own work?

What began with a friendly email from Jane Fielder (Red Bee Creative) in London to Diana Kudasheva (Twid) in Kyiv, led to an amazing, enriching and game-changing collaboration. And a movement everyone join.

It’s called Twinning.

It’s not just a way of helping a country affected by war…it’s a chance to double your creative firepower, to be inspired by cutting-edge creatives, and to discover how great ideas can be found anywhere, even in bomb shelters!

Together Everything is Possible – Olena Martynova

In this inspiring session, discover the power of putting aside differences to achieve the greater good, no matter what the circumstances may be. You’ll hear the story of rival Ukrainian marketing teams who joined forces to fight the information war waged by Russia, using their skills, knowledge, and expertise to create an impactful campaign that united a nation against a common threat. These teams inspired countless Ukrainians to be brave, stand together, and protect their sovereignty — by working together.

A Dive in Immersive Audio – Richard Burki

Join Richard Burki from Future Phonic Studios, a music and sound production agency focused exclusively on 3D audio, to find out how spatial audio and immersive sound can take your productions to a new sonic level — one that embraces a new era of immersive audio. You’ll be introduced to the origins of these 3D audio technologies, how they’re becoming a part of today’s media landscape, and how they will come to shape and define the future of entertainment.

ILLUMINATE – Los Angeles

ILLUMINATE is heading to Los Angeles! This event series is designed to spotlight leaders and speakers at the forefront of culture while getting the Promax community together.


Finding your creative inspiration – even in a time of war – Alex Twista

It’s something every creative struggles with, but imagine trying to find your motivation and inspiration whilst in a bomb shelter. If you can find it there you can find it anywhere. Alex shares his team’s experiences, revealing their surprising and unusual sources of inspiration, how they’ve kept their creativity alive, and the resilience, determination and passion that has kept them producing great, award-winning work. It promises to be a truly inspirational session.

Best Promax of the Decade – Ramon Verdet

Relive some of the most unforgettable Promax moments of the last decade in this unmissable retrospective journey! You’ll behold the most award-winning campaigns, marvel at the brilliance of the most decorated agencies in the industry, and witness the evolution of creative excellence and ingenuity in the world of promotions and marketing. Get ready to be inspired by the outstanding and iconic achievements that have defined Promax history.

Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry – Amsterdam

Chart a Bold New Course with Promax at 'Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry.' Seize unprecedented opportunities as we build, change, and innovate, steadfastly leading the entertainment marketing industries to a luminous future.

Pixel Perfect (Best in Design & Motion GFX) – James Murray & Patrick Coffey

"Pixel Perfect (Best in Design & Motion GFX)” will blow your mind and spark your creativity! With a thrilling mix of stunning visuals, captivating animations, and mind-bending effects, this immersive session will be informative and entertaining. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of pixel-perfect design and learn the latest techniques for creating jaw-dropping motion graphics. You’ll be mesmerized by the cutting-edge visuals and playful content. Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired by this unforgettable experience!

Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry – London

London, chart a Bold New Course with Promax at 'Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry.' Seize unprecedented opportunities as we build, change, and innovate, steadfastly leading the entertainment marketing industries to a luminous future.

Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry – Madrid

Únete a otros profesionales de la industria audiovisual del Entertainment Marketing en 'Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry', un evento Promax, y disfruta de una tarde repleta de ideas, creatividad y oportunidades de networking.

Promax Asia 2023 

Join us in Singapore for a 2-day Promax experience. Get inspired and learn from the best.