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Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry – Amsterdam

Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry – Amsterdam

Monday, November 6, 2023 @ 6:00 PM 9:30 PM CET

Join us for an evening brimming with foresight and evolution alongside the Promax Global Excellence Awards Jury. ‘Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry,’ a Promax Global Event. This event will unfold at Soho House Amsterdam in the bustling heart of Amsterdam, promising an immersive experience meticulously crafted to kindle your creativity and broaden your perspectives. As we assemble in this avant-garde space, we extend a warm invitation to Juries and esteemed industry guests to gear up for 3 hours of unmatched inspiration and connectivity. Engage with a handpicked roster of guest speakers who will unveil their profound insights into the progressive terrain of entertainment marketing.

Embark on an indelible evening of innovation and creative exploration at ‘Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry’ with Promax. Situated at Soho House Amsterdam, this pivotal event stands as a beacon of illumination in the ever-evolving world of entertainment marketing.

It’s an exceptional night dedicated to honoring the trailblazers, imaginative minds, and iconic brands that continuously enhance the realm of Entertainment Marketing for TV and Streaming professionals worldwide. Be part of this transformative journey, seize unparalleled opportunities, and chart a bold new course with Promax at ‘Champagne and Change: The Future of the Industry.’ Propel forward into a radiant future, imbued with endless possibilities and groundbreaking advancements. Your moment is now with Promax, where the future is luminous and unbounded.


18:00 Doors Open

18:30 – 18:35 President’s Welcome
Kickstarting the evening, our Promax President, Stacy La Cotera, will take the stage for a brief welcome speech where she will explore the ever-evolving landscape of media, shedding light on the challenges we all face – from media convergence to consolidation and job cuts. Stacy will underline the pivotal role Entertainment Marketing plays in these times, emerging as the ultimate tool to captivate and engage consumers and audiences in the most profound ways.

18:35 – 19:45 Speaker Series

Unplugged Sounds Louder
with Curro Piqueras Parra, Executive Creative Director at DUDE: London
We’re constantly bombarded with content and notifications of all sorts, all the time.
It is hard for brands to cut through. But disconnecting from the digital realm can be a shortcut to a deeper connection, where sounds and sensations become amplified and easier to remember. When the music is unplugged, you listen with more attention.

That’s why experiential marketing, OOH, and activations have emerged as the backbone of communication for many entertainment brands. Why is this happening, who is leading and how can we thrive in this new paradigm?

AI for Good
with Malik Afegbua, Filmmaker, Artist, and Designer

In January 2023, Malik Afegbua took the internet by storm, captivating global attention with his ‘The Elder Series.’ This collection featured AI-assisted depictions of seniors strutting the fashion runway, adorned in vibrant, stylish ensembles. Malik’s work not only garnered widespread praise for its positive portrayal of elderly individuals through AI, but it also ignited a fiery debate on the potential ramifications of artificial intelligence on the traditional creative process. His artwork challenged prevailing stereotypes surrounding the perception of older individuals in contemporary society. The World Health Organization heaped praise for his unique artwork by quoting him a major, positive contributor in the global effort by the WHO/UN’s Decade of Healthy Ageing in combating ageism.

In this talk Malik will show us his approach to creative work that integrates AI technology into the realm of arts.

19:45 – 21:30 Networking Extravaganza
As the clock strikes eight, it’s time to unwind and connect. Our Networking Hour promises delightful drinks, delectable food, and the perfect atmosphere for mingling and making meaningful connections. Share stories, forge collaborations, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the industry.

Can’t make it to Amsterdam? Join us on November 13 in Madrid.




Spuistraat 210, 3HG, 1012 VT Amsterdam, Netherlands



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