NEW FOR 2019

Introducing our Deep Dives and Content Pods: two new ways to bring the most powerful insights in entertainment marketing closer to you during your week at Promax.


Our business is changing quickly, and everyone needs to keep up. On Tuesday June 4, Promax is diving deep into three select themes impacting our industry the most, with a full-day immersion that you’ve been asking for. You’ll walk away with the skills to manage the changes and drive impact for your business. Tuesday's Deep Dive sessions have limited seating. Open to all registered Promax Conference attendees, space permitting. Contact for more information.

D2C: Direct to Consumer Deep Dive

Everything’s changing. The viewer is the programmer—they can watch whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. If your company isn’t "direct to consumer" yet, it will be soon! 2019 is gonna be big, so we’ll teach you how to thrive in a D2C world.

Session One: Launching Original TV Content When It's Not On TV with YouTube

With “television” content becoming more multi-platform than ever, what does an original television launch look like for a streaming service? YouTube’s marketing and insights gurus, who help inform the launch of YouTube’s original content, will share how they identify key themes of their series, potential audiences with which to best amplify a series’ relevance, and positioning to differentiate it in the market. Through case studies and examples of this type of insight and marketing in action on YouTube, they’ll address what audiences want from original television and how it differs (if at all) for linear vs. streaming. And they’ll show you how to turn cultural insights into a go-to-market strategy.

Wes Harris, Head of Marketing, YouTube Originals
Kaley Mullin, Consumer Insights Manager, YouTube
Sarah Unger, SVP, Cultural Insights & Strategy, Civic Entertainment Group

Session Two: How Great Creative Can Help You Get Chosen Online with Google

Through machine early and human coding, we study the changing nature of attention online. Why do consumers remember one ad and not the other? Why is one ad skipped and the other watched to completion? Turns out, great creative is the force multiplier of attention online. We'll share clues from some top-performing campaigns.

Matt Lindley, Creative Director, Unskippable Labs, Google

Session Three: To be announced soon.

Session Four: Making Art with Other Artists with Amazon Prime Video

Looking for new and original ways to elevate your campaigns? Want to know how the art and artists you’re inspired by outside the industry can be incorporated into those campaigns to make memorable, buzzworthy work? Attend this session to learn how creative partnerships with other artists can enhance and inspire your work, as well as generate earned media buzz. In this session, Joe Nichols, Creative Director of Global Brand Marketing for Amazon Prime Video, along with fellow Amazon colleagues, will offer an inside look at the creative process behind their strategic collaborations with street artists, musicians, and fine artists on the successful 360 campaigns for “Hanna," “Transparent," and “Goliath."

Joe Nichols, Creative Director, Global Brand Marketing, Amazon Prime Video

Leadership Now Deep Dive

Org charts aren’t the only thing changing after the mergers. Inheriting new employees, integrating new cultures, and learning all-new ways to get work done are the new normal. This deep-dive leadership workshop will show you how to keep your team focused, inspired, and moving forward when surrounded by uncertainty.

Using the traditional elements of VUCA (Volatility/Uncertainty/Complexity/Ambiguity) as a framework, we transform the acronym into an affirming, proactive approach called VUCA Prime (Vision/Understanding/Clarity/Agility). Each session then takes VUCA in this positive and productive direction.

Session One: Vision: Who You Are, What You Stand for, and Where You're Going

In a VUCA world, you need a few firm anchors. What is your purpose? What are your values? And if you have that sneaky "imposter syndrome"—the doubting voices in your head that introduce fear and insecurity—then join us to learn how to be direct in complex situations, understandable in ambiguous situations, reliable in volatile situations, and trustworthy in uncertain situations.

Stephanie Argentine, Founder & Principal, solve& consulting, llc

Session Two: Understanding: Listen, Learn, Connect

Remember stop, drop, and roll? Well, now the byword is stop, look, and listen. Learn how to be fully present and open to what is beyond your functional areas of expertise. Great ideas do come from everywhere, and so can conflict. Learn how to defuse emotional interactions, engage people at all levels of your organization, and demonstrate teamwork and collaboration skills.

Session Three: Clarity: Making Sense of the Chaos, Delegation, Empowerment

To inspire your team, providing clarity through the chaos is essential. Especially when you're being bombarded 24/7. Learn how to stay focused on what matters, quiet the deafening noise of distractions, and optimize your team by delegating and (truly!) empowering. Become the leader that everyone wants to work with—not the micromanager that we try to avoid!

Maureen Falvey, CPC, Leadership Coach & Trainer, Strong Training & Coaching

Session Four: Agility: Curiosity, Learning, Flexibility, Speed, Self-Care

Only about 10 percent of leaders have mastered the level of agility needed to perform consistently and avoid burnout in today's global workplace. Which level of leadership agility have you achieved: expert, achiever, or catalyst? Add four types of agile competencies that catalyst leaders leverage: context-setting, stakeholder, creative, and self-leadership.

Debra Langford, VP & Chief Strategy Officer, The Alliance of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Business, USC Race and Equity Center

Streaming Creative Deep Dive

Network IDs and lower thirds are SO five years ago. Designing for streaming platforms is a new skill that we all need to learn. In this workshop, we’re throwing out the old network toolkit and raising the bar on branding. Learn how to engage your audience quickly, before getting them to their next binge.

Session One: The Future Of TV Branding with Red Bee Creative

Four years after making a provocative call to the industry to change up its channel branding and marketing to reflect a modern media world, Red Bee returns with a rallying cry for TV branding—and TV brands—in an online TV universe. The session will cover broadcast brands and the new deliverables they need in order to keep relevant, as well as looking at the OTT heavy hitters to see what they are failing to learn despite 50 years of lessons in entertainment navigation. If you're interested in finding out about best-practice branding for 2020 and beyond, then this session is for you.

Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director, Red Bee Creative

Session Two: Streaming Creative: Inside-Out Marketing with Trailer Park

Overwhelmed with choices, consumers are now spending nearly 51 minutes just finding something to watch. In this rapidly broadening landscape, WarnerMedia, Apple TV+, and Disney+ will compete for viewers alongside Hulu, Netflix, and Prime. Content discovery is increasingly happening within a platform UX, challenging a campaign's assets to integrate visual cues that allow entertainment to stand out in the same way that CPG brands need to stand out in the grocery aisle. As we’ve seen with the successful marketing of "Us" and "Bird Box." consumers are thinking "If people love it so much, maybe I should check it out," opening up a whole new creative strategy. In this session, strategist Jake Katz from Trailer Park will present creative examples to spur a discussion of breakthrough entertainment marketing in the age of so many algorithms, even more services, and so much content.

Jake Katz, Head of Strategy, Trailer Park

Session Three: Sink or Stream With NowThis

The algorithm will find you eventually, so be ready. Let’s “real talk” the creative experience in this complex streaming world. Joe Ortiz spent over a decade at Viacom leading brand creative for MTV until he made the big jump to the massive social/mobile video brand NowThis. Let’s just say he’s discovered some things in his transition and isn’t afraid to share them. Learn what’s different, what’s new, and what he wishes someone had told him before he made the jump.

Joe Ortiz, Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy, NowThis

Session Four: The User Experience with NBC Entertainment Digital

In a world where it seems there are plenty of streaming apps and competing digital products out there, users today have unlimited options. So the user experience has become one of the key differentiating factors to attract users. Designing an experience involves much more than making an app look “pretty.” It encompasses data analysis, user journeys, problem solving, and much more. In this session, Melanie Lantin from NBC Universal will discuss what user experience design is and why it’s important, and she’ll provide some core UX principles and methodologies that help optimize the customer experience.

Melanie Lantin, VP, UX & Design, NBC Entertainment Digital


These concentrated content blocks bring together best-in-class creatives and strategists to share insights (and secrets) about the topics shaping our business today. You will learn, be challenged, and take away new ideas and tactics to make impact immediately.

Game On!

Session One: 2020 Vision: Insights Into Building Tokyo 2020

The designers and clients who are bringing the Olympic brand to life are doing so in a way that represents the human spirit, not only of the athletes but also of the global community. Our team of experts will share a first look at the layered research, immersive client working session, and "deep custom" design that have been developed for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games and 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games. Join us to celebrate these feats of physical achievement and emotional empowerment, and witness how insightful marketers can make the concepts of heart, purpose, and determination tangible and accessible to us all.

Lawrence Azerrad, Grammy Award Winning Art Director & Partner/Creative Director, LAD Design Group
David Barton, Art Director, NBC Olympics, NBC Sports Group
Mark Levy, SVP, Original Productions & Creative, NBC Sports Group
Mitch Monson, VP, Creative Director of Brand Design & Animation, MOCEAN

Session Two: To be announced soon

Session Three: The Social Game Changers

In the social universe, sports remain the ultimate fan experience. As the digital space evolves, live sports continue to reign on social, and sports fans are still hungry, demanding more unique and multiplatform experiences. How do broadcasters and leagues like the NBA make it work, shake it up, and navigate the future? With opportunities such as 5G, fourth-quarter purchasing, and DVR, how will fan experiences continue to evolve with impact?

Morgan Dewan, VP of Social Media, Turner Sports + Turner Studios

David Brinkley, CEO and Founder, STN Digital

OTT (Yeah, You Know Me)

Next-gen digital content providers are growing exponentially. These are the OTTs and streaming platforms you need to keep an eye on. Some may be familiar, but many are about to emerge in a big way.

Session One: The OTTs You Should Get to Know

Content may be king, but consumers wear the real crown in our increasingly on-demand world, determining what, how, and when they want to consume it. The last three years have seen a revolution in the dramatic shift from linear television to OTT, where consumers call all the shots. It’s a landscape with a whole new set of rules and challenges for marketers, and those still focused solely on tune-in are in danger of being permanently tuned OUT. Today, the key to success lies in shifting the approach to get full consumer BUY-in, not just tune-in. What are the most effective promotional techniques for generating downloads, rentals, and purchases? In this enlightening session, marketing superstars from up-and-coming OTTs offer up their best tips.

Nii Manste Addy, Head of Marketing, Philo
Amy Kuessner, SVP, Content Partnerships, Pluto
Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, TUBI
Adam Ware, General Manager, STIRR/Sinclair Broadcast Group

Chris Sloan, Founder/Chief Creative Officer, 2C Creative

Session Two: The Top 5 Surprises & Lessons to Be Learned From Marketing Ott Services Around the World

At the height of the economic crisis, Adam Cunningham bootstrapped his own digital agency, 87AM, out of his New York City studio. The agency grew rapidly and in 2011 was acquired by Allied Global Marketing, the leading entertainment, culture, and lifestyle marketing agency. Named Chief Digital Officer in 2016, Adam has recently become a leading force in shifting studios and networks to direct-to-consumer marketing via OTT apps. Now, Adam joins us with his top five surprises and lessons from marketing OTT streaming services in more than 80 countries in 2018, along with five predictions for the rest of 2019 and beyond. We’ll examine five real-world case studies across customer acquisition and retention, creative, data, and technology from the front lines of entertainment’s transition to D2C.

Adam Cunningham, Chief Digital Officer, Allied Global Marketing

Session Three: To be announced soon.

The Big Picture

At its heart, marketing has always been about telling powerful stories, engaging audiences, and building fandom universes. Learn the secrets of success from some of the industry's best and brightest.

Session One: The Power of Theatrical Marketing

Theatrical-industry marketing titans Jackson George from Disney, Maria Pekurovskya from Universal Pictures, and JP Richards from Warner Bros. Pictures will reveal the top strategies and inside secrets of the blockbuster Hollywood marketing campaigns that never fail to thrill and entice us. Universal Pictures SVP of Integrated Marketing Annah Zafrani moderates.

Jackson George, SVP, Creative Advertising, Disney
Maria Pekurovskaya, EVP, Creative Advertising, Universal Pictures
JP Richards, EVP, Worldwide Marketing & Chief Data Strategist, Warner Bros Pictures

Annah Zafrani, SVP, Integrated Marketing, Universal Pictures

Session Two: Viewer Obsession Advised

Leslie Ghize, the executive vice president of the think tank TOBE, joins us to discuss how understanding new values and shifting sentiments is the key to audience attraction. As we move into an emotional economy, TOBE connects consumer, cultural and creative cues for relevant marketing and messaging.

Leslie Ghize, EVP, TOBE

Session Three: Think Like a Blogger

Entertainment bloggers have three main objectives: attract TV fans’ eyeballs, create content that those fans will engage with and share, and attract more TV fans’ eyeballs. By growing a show’s audience, they gain a reliable traffic stream every time they cover the show. In other words, they’re doing your job, and they’re doing it very well. At the peak of a long career that has included serving as Senior Editor at Entertainment Weekly and being the original Editorial Director at Vulture, Fixate Digital President Josh Wolk will share his insights on how bloggers create hyper-engaging print and video content—and he’ll reveal how studios and networks can use that same approach to powerful effect.

Josh Wolk, President, Fixate Digital

Culture Club

“Inclusion” and “transparency” aren’t just buzzwords in an HR deck. To make great creative and recruit top talent, it’s not just about having great shows - you need to build a better internal culture. Hear from the leaders that are doing it today.

Session One: Omniculturalism: The Next Wave of Diversity

The ways we talk about identity are changing. Where previous generations often marginalized difference, the belief that race, sexuality, and religion (to name a few) are not barriers to relatability but normal parts of everyday life—known as omniculturalism—is second nature to youth culture today. Millennials and Gen Z expect brands and content creators to engage authentically with these issues from the insider perspective out. In this session, let's explore the conversations brands should be having in order to succeed in this exciting societal moment. What is the omnicultural perspective on the world, and what kind of messaging connects with audiences drawn to it? We’ll show how top marketers and creatives are expressing this next wave of diversity and shaping the evolving discourse.

Tricia Melton, SVP, Marketing, Creative & Branding, Freeform
Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer, Civic Entertainment Group

Session Two: Unconscious Bias and Consciousness

What messages are you truly conveying? The words you use, the images you use . . . these may have a different meaning through someone else’s lens. This is unconscious bias, stereotypes about certain social groups that people form outside of their own conscious awareness. Everyone holds internal beliefs about identity groups, and these biases stem from our tendency to categorize our world. We’ve all seen how unconscious bias, when left unchecked, can turn a big marketing campaign into a bigger PR problem (see: Pepsi, Gap, Dove, etc., etc.). Or how unconscious bias can infect an action movie, unintentionally normalizing violence against women. So how can we prevent this problem from slipping into our own work? That’s the subject of this illuminating panel discussion featuring diverse voices from across the industry. We’ll look at examples of when their teams got it right or wrong and come away with specific steps to spot and overcome unconscious bias within ourselves.

Diana Dixon, Founder & Chief Executive Creative Director, DIXON
Lori Hall, SVP, Consumer Marketing, Marketing & Creative Services, TV One
Lisa Tawil, VP, Marketing & Communications, ITVS

Session Three: Breaking It to Build It

As the world changes, the traditional norms of creative agency versus internal creative service team need to be disrupted, broken down, and rebuilt. The hybrid agency model combines agency best practices with the intimate internal knowledge of brand and IP. Sounds easy, but how do you do it? Navigating corporate culture, moving business targets, and models plus the constant evolution of the creative content landscape is the easy part. Scaling globally is the fun part! Join Kasumi Mihori and Glenn Bartlett as they share their experiences building the hybrid agency model Global Creative Center at Sony Pictures Television, and get a sneak peek at the international rebrands before they roll out.

Glenn Bartlett, VP Creative, Global Creative Center, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Kasumi Mihori, SVP, Brand Creative-Global Creative Center, Sony Pictures Entertainment

Social Studies

Get hands-on with creative minds from the world's biggest social platforms in this workshop series. Explore the new tools of a marketing campaign - and learn how to create more effective content for your next launch.

Session One: Storytelling From Every Angle

How do you tell your brand's story on multiple channels? What does digital mean? How do you communicate with the distracted, mobile-native generation? From broad concepts to tactical advice, live-action director. creative director and storyteller Rylee Jean Ebsen encourages companies and creatives to challenge their thinking and consider how UX/UI impacts audience relationships. We will dive into the digital levers you can pull, from vertical to square to AR to cinemagraphs and beyond, spanning platforms and transcending advertising to engage with the next generation. With fleeting attention, entertainment takes new forms.

Rylee Jean Ebsen, Director, Live Action Commercial, Big Block

Session Two: To be announced soon

Session Three: To be announced soon

The Art of Design

A classic creative session returns - be inspired by the latest innovative title designs, and see how Promax turned the camera on itself, rebranding for 2019 and beyond.

Sessions One and Two: The Art of Title Design

Stay up to date on the ever-changing art of title design. This powerful medium evolves from year to year, and our creative experts are back to share their new secrets and processes. Join Emmy Award winners Ellen Kahn and Lynda Kahn for this session co-sponsored by the Television Academy.

Ellen Kahn, Co-Founding Partner, Executive Creative Director, TWINART, Inc.
Lynda Kahn, Co-Founding Partner, Executive Creative Director, TWINART, Inc.

Hazel Baird, Creative Director, Elastic - “The Inventor - Out for Blood in Silicon Valley”
Lisa Bolan, Elastic - “Conversations with a Killer - The Ted Bundy Tapes”
Cecilia DeJesus, Designer, Picturemill - “Motherland” Freeform
Olga Midlenko, Prologue, "Lodge 49" AMC
Kasumi Mihori, SVP, Brand Creative-Global Creative Center, Sony - “The Oath”

Session Three: To be announced soon.


The rules of 360 degree marketing have changed - and kids’ brands are leading the way. See how timeless family brands like Hasbro and Disney are reinventing the way they build their audiences.

Session One: The Rise of the Integrated Marketing Plan

Tomorrow is here! The kids business is pushing marketing forward as children stand at the forefront of unprecedented cultural change. They have infinite access to not only everything current but also to everything that has ever existed, impacting how they consume content and blurring the line between content and marketing. These future adults are on their way, and they represent a very different kind of person who is rejecting gender stereotypes, raising the bar on authenticity, and redefining creativity. Jennifer Rogers-Doyle, senior vice president of brand development and integrated planning at Disney Channels Worldwide, will reveal how Disney Channel is evolving its marketing strategies and realizing the imperative of an integrated plan to drive content and franchise success.

Jennifer Rogers Doyle, SVP, Brand Development & Integrated Planning, Disney Channels Worldwide

Session Two: Around the World in VR

In the search for new audiences and driving innovation, studios, production companies, and start-ups have experimented with gamification, interactivity, and immersion for well-known franchises and original content in the emerging virtual reality market. Joanna Popper is the Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP Inc and was previously EVP of Media and Marketing at Singularity University and VP of Marketing at NBCUniversal. She highlights global case studies of what’s working and what’s not in location-based entertainment and virtual reality, along with the technology that drives these compelling new media experiences.

Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality, Location Based Entertainment, HP

Session Three: Birth of a Brand: Discovery #Mindblown

The Discovery Kids brand has launched a smart and compelling new platform with an app, STEM products and toys—but no channel. The creative minds behind #MINDBLOWN show how they create innovative and engaging digital content for a new generation.

Matt Bonaccorso, Global Lead, Video Games, Robotics & eCommerce, Discovery Communications
Robert Kirkpatrick, Owner/Creative, LAVA
David Woodward, Creative Director/Director, LAVA

Data & Design

In 2019, a gut instinct simply isn’t enough. This immersive block of sessions will show you how data can help make your creative more effective, without turning you into a robot.

Session One: Audience Acquisition for Dummies

Digital platforms have evolved the job of finding and retaining audiences into a science—literally. Join a former TV marketer turned digital audience acquisition guru as she gives us all a crash course on new audience tools and how to transform our traditional marketing intuition into future-proof, data-driven skills.

Speaker info for this session will be announced soon.

Session Two: Making Data Your Secret Weapon

What happens when innovative creative teams work hand in hand with brilliant behavioral science experts? You get some of the world’s most shared and wildly effective campaigns. Join the creative and data leads of an industry-leading, data-driven content marketing firm as they share their best practices on how to use data to test and influence—but never dictate—great creative.

Joe Bergvall, Chief Creative Officer, Shareability
Erick Brownstein, President & Chief Strategy Officer, Shareability

Session Three: Promax 2029: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data

Travel with us ten years into the future to the utopian new, new Golden Age of TV. The big streaming services are all running smoothly. Data ensures that everyone finds just the right show just when and where they want it. Every ad is perfectly customized and amazingly relevant. How did all the turmoil of the late 20-teens give way to all this awesomeness? We’ll ask our panel of experts to take us through the critical innovations in data-driven creative and audience acquisition techniques from back in 2019 and beyond that got us here.

Brian Briskman, President & Creative Director, B2+
Kent Rees, CMO, Pop TV

You Say Vendor, I Say Partner

Mastering the client/agency dynamic is critical to success - for both sides. Teams are getting innovative to teach themselves - and their partners - a whole new model of collaboration and teamwork. It might just change how you approach your next campaign.

Session One: How the Other Half Lives: An Experiment

Ever wonder what it's like on the other side? To answer that question, the Promax Global Agency of the Year (STUN) invited an in-house creative from the Promax Global Internal Marketing Team of the Year (CNN) to experience life from the agency side. During this experiment, we walked through every step of the latest campaign for CNN's "The Movies," documenting how a CNN insider witnessed it from the agency point of view. From the kickoff call to the final delivery, we explored how both sides approach a project differently—pulling back the curtain on all facets of the creative process. Through constant communication, managing expectations, shifting directions, and challenging budgets, we raised the bar on the creative while delivering on brand and on target.

Sara Cahill, SVP, Executive Creative Director, STUN
Whit Friese, VP, Creative Marketing, CNN
Sean Houston, Creative Director, CNN Creative Marketing
Jeff Mielcarz, Senior Writer/Producer, CNN
Michael Vamosy, Chief Creative Officer, STUN

Session Two: The Ultimate Secrets Revealed

You can win countless Promax Awards one year and get zero client calls the next. How do the busy agencies get work day after day, week after week? What do creative directors really look for when they’re bringing on new vendors? For the first time, network creative directors come together on our stage to give the business answers that every vendor wants—and needs. Every network is different, but we’ll explore the science of business development to get to the bottom of the client-vendor relationship and reveal how busy creative directors sift through the cold calls and update emails to finally choose the agency that best suits their needs.

Roderick Beltran, Creative Director, Branded Content, BET Networks
Quest Marks, VP, Creative, Bravo
Ludmilla Meltser, Creative Director, USA/SYFY Brandworks
Ed Tommasi, Creative Director, Marketing & Creative, Integrated Custom Content

Andy Meyers

Session Three: The Accidental Generalist

For years, the common wisdom has been that you must narrow your focus and be a specialist, striving to be the ultimate expert. While experts and specialists will always be necessary, we think that the ideas of a Jill- or Jack-of-all-trades are actually a crucial form of creative expertise and a hugely beneficial skill to have in our ever-changing industry. Join AlterEgo partners Justin Kanner and Heather Roymans, along with Nancie McDonnell Ruder (author of "Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill: How Senior Marketers Scale the Heights through Art and Science") as they shed some light on the unexpected benefits of knowing it all.

Justin Kanner, Partner, Editor/Director of Photography, AlterEgo
Heather Roymans, Partner, Executive Creative Director/Director, AlterEgo
Nancie McDonnell Ruder, Owner/President, Noetic Consulting

Beyond Branded Content

Making content to reach consumers isn’t just for entertainment brands. We’ll inspire you to think differently about reaching your audience. See work from some true content innovators, and apply it to your next branded campaign.

Session One: Branded Content = Brand Content = Content

What’s the next evolution of branded content marketing, and what does that mean for our business? To truly know that answer, you’ve got to talk to all sides, which means talking to EVERYBODY. We did that. Listen to branded content creators across the entire industry, from every perspective, answering this very question, and get to the root of where we’re heading. Then learn more about the holy trinity of branded content—content creator, network, and brand—as noted experts discuss what the future of branded content looks like and why branded content is really brand content . . . which is really just content.

Daniel Sattelmeyer, Head of Creative & Partner, BARK BARK

Session Two: To be announced shortly

Session Three: A New Era of Marketing

By 2020, youth culture will account for 40% of the world’s population. 80% of those people will try to change the world. And while some may still want brands to sell to them, most won’t. The majority will look for platforms and unconditional allies that enable expression, amplify awareness, and propel real change. So what does this mean for brand marketing? First off, brand marketing as we know it is dead. Our consumers are already demanding meaningful relevance. We have to get better at leveraging technology to deliver true personal value, along with connecting our brand DNA with what they truly want. Integrating this balanced approach of optimization and emotion into entertainment marketing will help us endure as, more and more, the state of the world reflects the state of the consumer.

Dennis Seydel, Director, Head of Marketing, Uber Eats
Oved Valadez, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, Industry

Revive, Rebuild, Rebrand

Ahhh, the rebrand. It used to mean simply designing a new graphics package, but today it takes a lot more to elevate, reposition, and differentiate yourself to win consumers' time. In this pod, we'll show you what it takes to rebrand in a binge-mode economy.

Session One: Owning It—or—We Didn't Invent Comedy but We Sure as Shit Centralized It

In this chat with Comedy Central and Loyalkaspar, we'll discuss the pros and cons of being a brand focused on one genre of entertainment in an era of mega-aggregators like Netflix and Amazon. Find out how Comedy Central built a loyal community of fans across media and reinforced its iconic identity through design, voice, social, and its embrace of live stand-up events and festivals, radio and podcasts, and digital content.

Josh Line, EVP, Marketing and Creative, Comedy Central
Anna Minkinnen, Executive Creative Director, Loyalkaspar
Chris Scarlata, VP, Design, Comedy Central

Session Two: Insight-Driven Design

Over the past 60 years, Univision has grown to encompass broadcast, cable, audio, digital, studios, and brand extensions. Along with rising to its mission of being the leading company in entertaining, informing, and empowering Hispanic America, Univision is at the forefront of the cultural movement that is taking place within the Latino community. Join Jennifer Rogers, Senior Vice President of Univision Agency, an in-house full-service agency charged with creating and producing all programming promotions and marketing for Univision Communications Inc., to learn how design and insight come together to help the corporation navigate the challenges its audience faces every day.

Jennifer Rogers, SVP, Consumer & Corporate Marketing, Univision
Lauren Harstone, Sibling Rivalry

Session Three: To be announced soon.

Session description will be published soon.

Megan Desouza, VP of Marketing Strategy, Discovery
Peter McKeon, AV Squad
Jason Turner, Sr. Creative Director, Marketing, Discovery
Braden Wheeler, Roger