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23 March, 2015


18:00 – 20:00


InterContinental Berlin
Budapester Straße 2, 10787
Berlin, Germany


Onsite: €1295 + VAT

PromaxBDA Europe Conference
23 March, 2015 Berlin

There is no other place where you will get the same level of creative thinkers, innovative thought leaders and industry luminaries focused on your craft of television marketing, promotion and design. The PromaxBDA Europe Conference is two days full of informative sessions, a total immersion into trends and topics, with the tools you'll take with you to stay strategically relevant and creatively motivated.


Sunday, 22 March
Monday, 23 March
Tuesday, 24 March


Action Follows Purpose
The communication industry focus is shifting from interruption to influence. As established forms of marketing and branding are being significantly disrupted by digital innovations, the most progressive brands are adopting a new customer-centric approach. What does this mean for media marketers? In this session, we’ll explore novel ideas emerging at the intersection of brand building and design thinking; new ways to combine paid, owned and earned media; and innovative agencies that are increasingly blurring the boundaries between marketing, products and services.

Federico Gaggio, Brand Builder and Creative Leader / Founder, Do&Co

Alex Pallete, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Picnic
Alain Sylvain, Founder & CEO, Sylvain Labs

Automated Promo Design and Packaging
Automation revolutionised the auto industry way back when, and it can work wonders right now for your promo packaging, too. This session will look at several case studies that show the impact automation and scripting in After Effects can have on promo packaging, both on the technical aspect of versioning and rendering, as well as on actual promo design. See how channels like SRFzwei, Sixx and ProSieben launched complex promo designs with sophisticated animations, transitions and typography that would be almost impossible in a daily workflow without automatisation, but now are super easy to create, control and alter—even for editors with little knowledge of After Effects. Given new technical possibilities, creative solutions are endless, even for channels that present their promos on different media.

Konrad Wielandt, Creative Director, Wielandt GmbH

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Triple rebrand rollover!

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Disney
The challenge: Expand a global kids and family channel in German primetime. The case study: Disney Channel. The presentation gives insights into how a global brand, famous for shows like High School Musical, Hannah Montana and Phineas & Ferb, has been adapted to local FTA market needs, including a highly competitive primetime.

Nico Wohlschlegel, Director of Marketing & Creative, The Walt Disney Company
Ole Türck, Head of On Air and Synergy - Disney Channels, The Walt Disney Company GSA

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: TNT Serie and TNT Glitz
After five years, Turner's German PayTV channel TNT Serie was redesigned with a fresh, new look. The task: To differentiate the channel's face from competitors and to support the network’s positioning by combining channel, design and content. This presentation will chronicle the development of the look through the final realization. Additionally, the Turner channel Glitz* was rebranded and repositioned to TNT Glitz just a few weeks later and within a very short timeline. Due to the planned basic mechanics of the new TNT Serie design, Glitz* was able to convert the animation into a completely different look by simply changing a few elements.

Hagen Biewer, Creative Counselor
Raf Gasak, Creative Director, Central Europe , Turner Kids & General Entertainment

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: RTÉ2
It had been five years since RTÉ's youth channel RTÉ TWO had last refreshed, and the channel team knew they needed to take things up a notch. Before they briefed any creative work, they spent time getting re-acquainted with their audience which, after all, had grown, matured, moved on and added to over the same five years. They commissioned an insights study to find out what Irish youth were really thinking at that moment, which led to a cut-through channel strategy and ultimately to a new look inspired by the real lives of its audience. Learn how they did it.

Donna Byrne, Creative Director, RTÉ Television
Jane Fielder, Creative Director, Red Bee Media

Brand Tracking: People are Talking—Are You Listening?
Understanding what your target audience says about your brand online, both positive and negative, is crucial to your overall marketing and creative strategy. In this session, we’ll use case histories to examine the tracking of brand sentiment on social media, capturing insightful information to inform and adjust brand marketing and communication strategies. Learn how to listen to and understand what fans (and haters) say about your brand.

Paola Di Felice, Account Executive, Estrogeni Ltd.
Lorenzo Diurni, Director, Estrogeni Ltd.

Changing Times: Moving From Broadcast to Brand Activation
Traditionally, brands had the luxury of being able to stay in broadcast mode. With a one-way dialogue construct, they chose what to say to their audiences and when. All that has changed. Now consumers want to participate and be heard, and new social tools and platforms mean that they can. Brands that choose to ignore them do so at their own peril. This has significant consequences when it comes to creating campaigns, and we’ll explore the pitfalls and promises.

Ben Hooper, Content Creative Director, Karmarama
Dan Walsh, Head of Marketing, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra

Creative Flow: Can Understanding How We Think Make Us More Creative?
Throughout our careers, we have all experienced positive states of creative flow, when ideas come freely, output occurs rapidly, decisions get made from a more intuitive place and you know with certainty it’s the right direction for the project. Unfortunately, we have also experienced the opposite: Brainstorming sessions that produce no tangible results, doubt that clouds our minds about creative decisions and a lack of confidence with the way things are going. So what is happening to our thought process while we experience these two very different states? Do our thoughts tangibly affect our creative ability? Can our thinking get in the way of our creativity and if so, how? We’ll explore several key “state of mind” principles that have huge implications for creative industries.

Ian Webster, Founder, Business Thinking Revolution
Donna Churchman, Designer, Business Thinking Revolution

Delicatessen Marketing - Get your Prioritisation in Order
Do the best for your content not your Wurst! Pitting the importance of one promotional campaign against another—it’s called prioritisation, and all broadcasters have their own formula for doing it. But does it work? Does your prioritisation approach support your short-term goals and long-term success? Is it based on best serving your content or your audiences? We’ll show you a framework for creating an effective prioritisation formula that works for your organisation. One that reduces time-consuming internal debate. One that will continue to drive viewer demand in the short term but also ensure long-term success and relevancy in an increasingly competitive market. If prioritisation is important to you, this will get yours straight.

Jo Wilkinson, Co-Founder, James&Wilkinson Media
Alan James, Co-Founder, James&Wilkinson Media

Future-Proofing Your Next Rebrand
For years, 'navigating content' meant pressing buttons up and down on your remote control. Now for a new generation of audiences, it also means scrolling, swiping and clicking a computer, tablet or mobile device. As audiences learn new behaviors, content providers must fundamentally re-think their approach to designing brand identities. In this session you'll learn constructive steps you should be considering before your next re-brand to make it truly future-proof.

Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director, Red Bee Media

#Hashtag Like You Give A Shit
Just because you add a hashtag to your promos or build yourself a Facebook page doesn’t mean you have a social strategy. In fact, if every brand message isn’t developed from a thoughtful strategy, you’re just adding to the clutter and hampering your own efforts at engagement.
Social media can’t work in isolation. As consumer touch points proliferate, providers and creators multiply, and audiences continue to fragment, it’s never been more important to ensure you operate from a coherent cross-platform approach. A well-integrated social strategy can extend the lifespan of “traditional” branding efforts, while powerful on-air branding can be a gateway to lasting, solid brand affinities that spread through social media. 
This session will show how campaigns that get results work nose-to-tail. Do it right, and maybe your audience will see that you give a shit.

Melissa Goodis, Head of Social Media, eyeball
Ben Spivak, Managing Partner, eyeball

Humour in Communication: How to Make a Promo Funny and Pick Up Chicks. (Or Dudes. Your Call.)
What is humour? Who knows, really? We can tell you what it’s not: Pretty. Nor Easy. But does that mean you shouldn’t use it in communication? Hell no! When wielded properly, humour is an incredibly powerful tool in creating effective promos. In the wrong hands, it can be just as deadly. In this session, we’ll look at the structure of jokes, various types of humour and how and when to whip it out in creating a promo. Can we promise you’ll leave feeling funny? No. But we can guarantee these 45 minutes will be better than another boring meeting at the office.

Sergio Spaccavento, Executive Creative Director, BCUBE Publicis Groupe

Introducing Cromo Sapiens: Thinking Outside the 30" TV Spot
There’s a brand new species in the TV business called Cromo Sapiens. This creature believes brands are a vital part of television, and it walks, talks, eats, sleeps and breathes TV advertising, in all its wonderful shapes and lengths. It likes 30-second commercials, but it loves everything that is newer, bigger, better and more creative. Brands are its toys, and it’s not afraid to share them. TV, and all other screens, are its play areas. In this session, we’ll profile this fascinating new being—and explore ways of adopting its methods to commercialize your promos and branding in a qualitative way. You’ll see clear examples of how to connect brands with viewers via content that’s so engaging, even time-shifters can’t resist skipping the ad break. Get ready to forget everything you know about TV advertising. It's all about the element of surprise.

Steve Brouwers, Creative Director, SBS Belgium

Keynote Address by Julian Fellowes
The Oscar-winning screenwriter, actor, novelist, film director, producer and member of the House of Lords, is also the creator and writer of the international hit drama series Downton Abbey. Hear what Julian has to say when interviewed on writing, creativity, movies and television.

Julian Fellowes, Actor, Novelist, Film Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Interviewed by:
Penny Smith, TV/radio presenter, Newsreader & Journalist

Killer Collaborations: The Art of Communicating with Creatives
An invigorating exploration of strategies for communicating with creative teams to maximize their output and help you get what you need. Award-winning creative director Brett Richards will provide key insights into what agencies and in-house creatives really think and let you in on the tricks for communicating with creatives for killer collaborations. The session is relevant for anyone from promo producers, creative directors, marketers and project managers who interface daily with creative teams in or out of house.

Brett Richards, Creative Director, Brokendoll

The Making of A DIVA
What Would You Do With A Channel Called DIVA? A channel that needs more than a quick 'nip n tuck' and changing the name is not an option. Find out how this unique brand challenge was tackled.

Marco Giusti, SVP International Creative, NBCUniversal

Marketing to a Moving Target: France 4 Hits the Bullseye
Pretty hard these days to find anyone under 25 sitting in front of a TV for very long. They’ll probably eventually come back, once they have kids of their own. But for now, it’s all about Mooc or Facebook or Instagram, all via mobile. They have no intention of being stuck in one place to learn or to be entertained. How, then, to define TV as the catalyst for other media? How to get to know an audience better? By turning its audience from viewers into users, answers France 4. The channel has challenged the rules of basic broadcasting by dialoguing with and engaging people around content. Using France 4 as a case history for enhancing the global experience of TV interactivity, let's check the stakes of a broadcaster in today's environment. How can you build an identity based on the notion of an open dialogue? We’ll shed light on the challenge of tv-interactivity, from the smallest screen to home cinema.

Bernard Bréchet, Creative Director, Gédéon
Aude Debout, Art Director, Gédéon

Million Dollar Babies: TV's Best Sports Campaigns
Live sports is rapidly becoming one of the last reasons to watch live television. Indeed, some believe one day sports will save the very medium. It’s no wonder broadcasters are spending millions on this important asset. Let’s take a ride through the industry’s best sports campaigns and brandings. We’ll examine great creative work from different angles—fans, athletes, broadcasters and sponsors—and the results they achieve with the millions spent.

Markus Schmidt, CEO and Creative Director, UnitedSenses
Olivier Schaack, Director of Creative Services, Canal+

Move Or Die: Can Channel Brands Survive in a Time of Moving Content?
As content moves off-channel to on-demand platforms, streaming services and OTT competitors, the viability of a channel brand has been called into question. Lee Hunt explores the threats and opportunities created by VOD, Netflix and TV Everywhere and shows how a handful of networks are changing their brands to stay relevant in the new world of television.

Lee Hunt, Principal, Lee Hunt LLC

Of Quills and Pens: Sir Tom Stoppard on Tapping Into Creativity
You know that Sir Tom Stoppard writes….plays, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Travesties, The Real Thing and most recently The Hard Problem. And movies, such as Brazil, Empire of the Sun and Oscar winner Shakespeare In Love. What you may not know is that Sir Stoppard writes … with a pen. He had only recently given up writing with a quill, he once told Vanity Fair writer John Heilpern, because his last goose had died. The man doesn’t use a computer, and clearly this lack of “modern” tools has not hampered his creative flow one bit. So who better, then, to deliver a keynote address about creativity and writing? In this time of digital revolution and all its whiz-bang promise of change—mobile this, interactive that, social everything else—what it always has and always will come down to is effectively communicating ideas, regardless of your implement of choice or method of delivery. Stoppard received a knighthood in 1997 and in 2000, was awarded the Order of Merit by Her Majesty the Queen. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear and be inspired by one of the leading creatives of our time.

Sir Tom Stoppard, Playwright

Interviewed by:
Mariella Frostrup, Journalist

Outrage, Blossom and Beavers - A Creative Manifesto
An inspiring journey through cinema, art, music, science, design and life through which Richard derives the ultimate manifesto for makers.

Richard Holman, Creative Director, Holman + Hunt

Show And Tell: The Power of Design (and how it can tell your story for you)
We humans are a visual bunch. Just ask Vincent Van Gogh or Andre Kertesz or the folks at Instagram and Pinterest. Equally important to a clear and clever message is a well-designed messenger. In this session, we’ll take an unrestrained look at how design is an integral part of human society and consciousness and how we can use it to enhance our storytelling.

Joe Marshall, Executive Producer, M-I-E

State of Our Art
Sometimes, during the course of our long work hours and daily grinds, we lose sight of the fact that what we create can and does move masses, inspire unexpectedly, affect change and shape behavior... and make us laugh. Tag along on an exhilarating exploration of the best big ideas from the past 12 months both from our television universe and beyond. If it goes as planned (and we have a hunch it will), you’ll leave with renewed creative vigor, redoubled commitment and keen insights about the future of our craft. That, or at least a smile on your face.

Federico Gaggio, Brand Builder and Creative Leader / Founder, Do&Co

Michael Schirner has been dubbed Germany’s “pope of advertising,” and this is your opportunity for a rare audience with one of the creative world’s superlative figures. His CV alone is staggering.  Schirner and his creatives made advertising history for the likes of Adidas, ARD/ZDF, Burda, C&A, Gruner + Jahr, IBM Germany, Jägermeister, Margaret Astor, Schweppes, STERN magazine, United Nations World Food Programme, Volkswagen AG, WDR. He and his wife, Chinese artist and communications designer Kexin Zang, founded the Schirner Zang Foundation, a charitable organization promoting art and culture, science and research, education and upbringing and the exchange between Europe and Asia. As an artist, his work is exhibited in international museums and galleries. Come, listen, learn and be creatively inspired by a truly inspirational creative.

Professor Michael Schirner, CEO, Schirner Zang Institute of Art and Media GmbH & Schirner Zang Foundation
Sven Völker, Designer, Artist & Writer

Turning Content Into Celebrity: How Audiences Can Aid Growth-Hacking Television Online
Content in 2015 is mostly social. We share tweets about our favorite stars; we flood Facebook during a national music contest. Consumption is a mass-participation event in which the audience decides content strategy: what, when and how they consume. Our job is to meet them on the device of their choice and to participate in their social spheres. In this session, you’ll learn about the amazing growth-hacking opportunities that lie in socialising content and how traditional broadcasters must think outside of the box in order stay competitive on the market.

Peter Ruppert, Founder, SURVIVAL OF THE BUSIEST

When Creative Met Data -  A Campaign Love Story:  Hum, Buzz and Sing Your Way To Tell Better Stories and Deliver Bigger Audiences
What happens when you wrestle data from the engineers and techies and provide it to creative people? Can you use insights and analytics to inform and de-risk creative campaigns? In this session, discover  how integrated campaigns informed by data and delivered on social media can drive tune-in, build brands and deliver audiences—and become a blueprint for future campaigns and content solutions. Sweet!

Garret Keogh, Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director, Telegraph Hill


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