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June 9-11, 2015


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The Conference 2015
June 9-11, 2015 Los Angeles

The Conference 2015 is where the world’s most innovative creatives, marketers, strategists, designers and thought leaders gather to give you unprecedented insights, business secrets and revolutionary tools that will help your company grow.

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"! or ?": Chip Kidd and the Graphic Art of Clarity. Or Not.
Common sense says design should be crystal clear. But then, there's nothing common about acclaimed graphic designer Chip Kidd and his iconic creations. Sometimes, when done right, mysterious, enigmatic design can be way more powerful and compelling than its straight-laced cousin. In this session, we'll pose the questions: When should design be clear? When should it be mysterious? And what happens when the two get mixed up? In the hands of Kidd, one of the most innovative creatives working today, it will all be, well, crystal clear.

Chip Kidd, Graphic Designer and Associate Art Director, Alfred A. Knopf

365: What's NEXT?
In an industry that is transforming itself daily, what are the new best practices that will shape the next 12 months? As digital marketing continues to evolve, so will the strategies need to effectively target, capture and convert highly fragmented audiences. Our industry-leading panel of experts will focus on the near-term challenges, opportunities and threats that will face entertainment marketing in the next year. This is your primer for the following three days of the conference—don’t miss it.

Josh Dickey, Entertainment Editor, Mashable

Laurel Bernard, EVP, Marketing, Fox Broadcasting Company
Erin McPherson, Chief Content Officer, Maker Studios
Ellen Stone, EVP, Marketing, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Jenny Wall, SVP, Head of Marketing, Hulu

The Art of Commerce: Moving from One Great Promo to a Bigger Campaign
As much as you may think your promos are works of art, they don't hang on a gallery wall by themselves. The very nature of promos is that they must work in consort with the other elements of the campaign. Learn to integrate strategic thinking into every promo you make to ensure it relates to the larger campaign-while still being true to your unique art.

The Art of Title Design
The Television Academy is proud to support this session that will introduce PromaxBDA members to the award-winning creative directors behind some of the most notable program titles on television and bring awareness to the art of the profession. The panel will be moderated by two-time Title Design Emmy winners, Ellen Kahn and Lynda Kahn, identical twins and co-founding partners of TWINART, Inc. This is the dynamic duo's fourth time as curators moderating "The Art of Title Design," and they never fail to inspire attendees with the amazing work of this specific craft. Hear and learn from the masters themselves about their techniques, ideas and creative process.

Ellen Kahn, Co-Founding Partner, Creative Director, TWINART, Inc.
Lynda Kahn, Executive Creative Director, TWINART, Inc.

Patrick Clair, Director, Elastic
Dan Gregoras, Director, Imaginary Forces
Grant Lau, Creative Director, Imaginary Forces
Synderela Peng, Creative Director, Broadcast Design, FX Networks

Beating Digital at its Own Game
Digital platforms believe they've discovered the Holy Grail of advertising: branded content that consumers willingly share and recommend. Brands call this converting "paid media" into "earned media," but how does it actually work? Who are the influencers they rely on to share the content, and why would anyone trust them? We'll look at the most notable digital and TV network branded-content approaches from the past year and discuss why they succeeded or failed at generating earned media. Plus, we'll highlight the innovative TV networks that are using all the tools at their disposal to meet and beat their digital-only competitors.

Brian Briskman, President + Creative Director, B2+

Binge Viewing: Best Practices for Marketing
Don't bother me, I'm busy watching the show that you're trying to get me to watch: Such is the paradox of marketing in the age of binge viewing. With the decline of appointment viewing and the rise of binging, marketers have lost the advantage of urgency in their campaigns. Control is clearly now with the viewer in terms of where and when they watch. So how do you capture the attention of the audience? How much brand integration can you incorporate without detracting from the show? When does second-screen and added-value content add to the story, and when is it just noise? It's time to examine, in the age of binge viewing, the new best practices.

Zachary Rosenberg, EVP, Chief Growth Officer, Horizon Media, Inc.

Walter Levitt, CMO, Comedy Central
Dr. Ray Pettit, Chief Analytics Officer, Rentrak
Mindy Stockfield, SVP, Marketing, MTV

The Brand Deck—Are You Game?
As the adage goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," nor are websites, brands or products. It is a matter of process. From designing the President (speaker Scott Thomas was the design director for the Obama campaign) to launching a startup, Thomas has applied an iterative approach not only to the work but also to the process, challenging himself and his teams to be more empirical, more democratic and more honest. In this session, you'll learn about and be inspired by Scott's "less is more" approach to design and creative pursuits.

Scott Thomas, Designer/Founder, Simple.Honest.Work.

Brand Matters: Social Responsibility
When on their game, brands can be powerful, global influencers of human behavior and their platforms present immense opportunities for positive impact. But they are also businesses, with operational and shareholder accountability. Achieving their potential to enrich our lives means identifying ways for values to drive revenue. In this session, we’ll examine how brands can create and freely express a point of view that seeks the highest possible ground in the eyes of customers and articulates the business link between values and customer relationships.

Mark Fewell, Global Head of Market Development, The Movember Foundation
Courtney L. Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, SEED SPOT
San Rahi, Founder, Roarcode
Eduardo Ruiz, President & General Manager, A+E Networks Latin America

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Boomerang
Launched in the U.S. on April 1, 2000, Boomerang is Turner Broadcasting’s 24-hour, all-animation network for kids and families dedicated to showcasing both timeless cartoons from the Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Cartoon Network libraries, as well as exclusive acquisitions and original productions from around the globe. In early 2015, Boomerang debuted a new look, intended to solidify the channel’s distinctiveness while aligning with Cartoon Network’s visual identity. Adapting elements from Cartoon’s iconic checkerboard design, Boomerang created a vibrant, colorful playground for some of the most iconic characters in animation.

Jacob Escobedo, VP, Design Creative, Cartoon Network/Boomerang/Adult Swim
Will Mercer, Senior Creative, Art&Graft
Mike Moloney, Founder & Creative Director, Art&Graft
Susan Shipsky, VP, Production, Cartoon Network/Boomerang

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Centric
Viacom's Centric network was originally founded as a music and entertainment channel before switching genres to become "The First Network Designed for Black Women." To amplify this change, Centric specified its audience while also celebrating its vast diversity, welcoming women of all backgrounds with a bold, multi-layered new look.

Michaela Davis, Editorial Brand Manager, BET Networks
Lauren Hartstone, Associate Creative Director, Gretel
Josh Pelzek, Design Director, BET Networks

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Disney
In 2014, Disney Channel created its refresh with a new logo and look. With distribution in 33 languages, available in 163 territories and reaching over 433 million households, DC needed a new modern, authentic look that was internationally adaptive, technologically agnostic and one that worked globally. The goal was to reflect the new landscape: a multi-platform, multi-device world. Hear firsthand from key players about the project's execution, hurdles and overall impact.

Ron Pomerantz, VP, Marketing and Creative, Disney Channel

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: FOX International Channels
Imagine the biggest rebrand you have ever done. Now, imagine doing it In 125 countries and 45 languages on the same day. That's what FOX did one night this past February when it chose the mid-season premiere of its mega-hit The Walking Dead to roll out its One Fox/One World rebrand of 125 Fox channels all becoming one on one day. Crazy? Like a Fox! Get the whole story behind this Herculean task.

Corina Capuano, VP, Creative, FOX International Channels
Liz Dolan, EVP & CMO, FOX International Channels

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Every so often, a channel reinvents and rebrands itself in what can only be described as a nail-biting, white-knuckle adventure for all involved. Here, we'll take an in-depth look at the reinvention of Hallmark Movie Channel into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, redefining the mystery category and reinforcing the Hallmark promise.

Elaine Cantwell, Executive Creative Director, Houndstooth
Susanne McAvoy, EVP, Marketing, Creative & Communications, Crown Media

Brand/Rebrand Highlights: ProSieben
A channel rebrand is a great opportunity to reconsider existing elements and mechanisms, adapt them to fit current needs and ensure they are future ready. When faced with that task, German free-tv channel ProSieben, a state-of-the-art entertainment brand for a younger audience, turned to its own in-house agency Creative Solutions to develop a fresh new interface design connecting its linear and interactive components. The result: An operating system which gives users one single experience over all platforms and devices that’s straightforward and clear but also playful and sophisticated. See and hear how they did it.

Florian Hausberger, Head of Design/Art Director, Creative Solutions/ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH

Change Sucks: Find Your Comfort Zone in the Discomfort
Corporate re-orgs, industry upheavals, budget reductions, unrealistic job descriptions ... there's no escaping that change is the new norm. In this session, you'll learn practical tools and skills for transforming ambiguity, low morale and insecurity into possibility, optimism and opportunity. You'll learn to thrive in the discomfort zone.

Kathryn Allen, Senior Director, Broadcast Design, TBS/TNT
Danette Johnson, Sr. Learning & Organizational Development Consultant, Turner Broadcasting

Charting Your Career: Building a Portfolio of Transferable Skills
From high performing to high potential, linear to non-linear, network to digital to consumer branding … the range of career opportunity is expanding-as long as you stay current and keep your eye on the future. The most successful professionals see beyond the bend before many even realize there is a curve in the road. In this session, learn how to develop a growing set of skills that you can transfer to another sector or industry. Don't wait until you need a job to prepare for your next career move.

Monica Halpert, Turnaround Brand Strategist, Hello My Name is Monica Halpert Inc.

Kathy Dailey, Strategic Consultant & Executive Coach, Dailey & Company
Jennie Morris, EVP, Acquisitions, Research and Network Operation, Pivot
Tina Potter, Head of Marketing and Communications, NBCUniversal Digital/Radius

Data Science For Creatives
Data science is all the rage. Yet beyond the hype is an emerging field of data analysis that relies on the scientific method, advanced mathematics and computing power to turn information into actionable business knowledge. Domain experts, such as promotion and creative service directors, are a critical component in building the right data science team. In this session, hear about the steps companies should take to be ready for data science, from formulating the right questions and auditing data assets to crafting the roadmap to a data-driven future.

Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Digital Media Group, Landmark Ventures/ShellyPalmer

Driving TV Discovery, Driving Results
As the television landscape continues to evolve, the competition for audience members is increasing and spreading across platforms. Premium networks' strategic objectives are multiplying as they seek to drive retention through both linear and on-demand tune-in and grow Internet-delivered services. Against this backdrop, one objective is moving to the forefront: satisfying audience desire for solutions that help drive discovery of new shows and network brands. Facebook will moderate a fireside chat with C-level executives at Starz, discussing the changing nature of how audiences around the world interact with premium content and how Starz is harnessing the platform to drive discovery and tune-in for successful originals like Outlander.

Alison Hoffman, EVP, Marketing, Starz

Interviewed By:
Jim Underwood, Global Head of Entertainment Strategy, Facebook

The Editor as Storyteller
When performed effectively, creative editorial has the power to elevate content, provoke emotion, and influence an audience. If you're passionate about storytelling, this hands-on session will provide valuable concepts to strengthen your point of view, craft unexpected stories and drive meaningful engagement.

Monina Verano, Ringleader, SLAQR

Episodic and More: Tools for Transforming Weak Assets into Strong Spots
We've all been there: Trying to build great creative for multiple audiences from limited, poor assets-or no material at all! From voice-over and graphics to sound design and music to the cut itself, learn to use storytelling tools to turn even the most restricted resources into great promos. Innovate your episodic every time!

Jonathan Davis, VP, Brand Creative, A&E Network
Melissa L. King, Executive Creative Director, Drama, Movies and Specials, ABC Entertainment Marketing

Evil Genius: How to Reel Them in with Writing
How do you hold viewers captive? Sticky writing, my friend. Lure them in, give them pockets of fun, and blow their minds with your words. See brilliant examples for screen and app. A tool kit for wily marketers and preditors.

Linda Button, Brand Personality Expert, Tooth + Nail
Jens Hertzum, Executive Creative Director, TVNZ BLACKSAND

Fixing the Planet: Designing and Marketing the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals
If your job as a creative is to bring an experience to as many people in your target audience as possible, and you do this by studying and understanding their habits, how do you go about telling everybody that they now should change all those habits? The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is working to end poverty, hunger and discrimination, improve health and education, making cities more sustainable, combating climate change and protecting oceans and forests. The stakes are high and the marketing will to a large degree determine the destiny of the goals. So what is the Nielsen rating for 7 billion people?

Jakob Trollbäck, Founder & CCO, Trollbäck + Company

Flash Forward and Create with Greg Berlanti
“I love telling stories,” says Greg Berlanti. “Creating a character, a world, a whole universe out of nothing. That part I can't get enough of.” Berlanti will have six network series in production, including Arrow, The Flash and The Mysteries of Laura, as well as the upcoming Blindspot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, to go along with the feature film Pan – not to mention a previous body of work that includes television series such as Brothers and Sisters, Eli Stone, Political Animals, Dawson's Creek, Everwood and Jack & Bobby among others, as well as the motion pictures Life As We Know It and The Broken Hearts Club.

Greg Berlanti, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director

Interviewed by:
Lisa Gregorian, President & CMO, Warner Bros. Television Group, Former PromaxBDA Co-Chair

Future-Proofing Your Next Rebrand
For years, 'navigating content' meant pressing buttons up and down on your remote control. Now for a new generation of audiences, it also means scrolling, swiping and clicking a computer, tablet or mobile device. As audiences learn new behaviors, content providers must fundamentally re-think their approach to designing brand identities. In this session you'll learn constructive steps you should be considering before your next re-brand to make it truly future-proof.

Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director, Red Bee

Got Game?
Each year, we wonder if mobile gaming could get any hotter, and its flame just keeps burning brighter. The industry is a behemoth that just keeps growing, and digital entrepreneur Chris DeWolfe – perhaps best known as Co-founder and former CEO of MySpace - is at the core of this inferno. SGN, with more than 500 million downloads of its games, has created over a dozen top-10 titles on today’s leading mobile platforms. Its premier title “Cookie Jam” has more than 44 million downloads, and was named Facebook’s Game of the Year 2014. DeWolfe was featured on the cover of Fortune magazine twice, and named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in the world (2007). He was also chosen by Barbara Walters as one of her 10 Most Fascinating People (2007). Come hear the casual gaming guru, as interviewed by Sharon Waxman of The Wrap, in this in-depth fireside chat.

Chris DeWolfe, CEO and Founder, SGN

Interviewed By:
Sharon Waxman, CEO and Editor in Chief, TheWrap

Hot Topics Roulette: Your Q’s, Our A’s
Every new year brings a new batch of buzzwords to master. From "native advertising" and "snackable content" to "big data" and "programmatic," there's a slew of newly coined terms being thrown around in meetings, industry blogs and boardrooms. Do you know what they mean and, more importantly, why they matter? We're polling PromaxBDA attendees to find out what buzzwords you want to discuss, from emerging-industry trends to new tactics and technologies. With the spin of a virtual wheel, we'll choose topics at random and our panel of six industry leaders will have five minutes to hash it out. Join us for a fast-paced, fun and informative session that will arm you with an arsenal of new terminology to add to your lexicon.

Frank J. Radice, Expert in Residence, Definition 6

Alan Cohen, Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
Jim O'Donnell, VP, West Coast Advertising Sales & Ad Sales Operations, Hulu
Linda Ong, CEO, TruthCo.
Jesse Redniss, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

How Do We Know If Our Work…Worked?
The question is as old as the hills, and getting a definitive answer has proven elusive for just as long. Creative marketing partnerships are drafted, crafted and meticulously rolled out, but ultimately their impact on consumer purchasing behavior remains difficult to determine. Now, new ways of measuring key performance indicators are emerging that may finally change that. Turner Broadcasting’s ROI NOW capability, for example, is quickly becoming one of the more comprehensive methodologies in the industry. There’s a new math, and it’s time get your numbers straight.

Dan Riess, EVP, Integrated Marketing and Branded Content, Turner Broadcasting

If It Feels Weird, Do It More: Using the Tools of Improv to Unleash Your Promo Potential
Looking to kick-start your creative inspiration? A new way to attack the same old assignment? Many of the creative approaches that go into crafting killer scenes on stage can also be used to make the most of your promos. In this session, you'll be introduced to some of the techniques and philosophies in the improviser's arsenal and learn how to apply them to your next campaign for innovative results

Tyler Korba, Creative Director, National Geographic Channels

The Inescapable Influence of Sound
Whether you realize it or not, every single moment of your life is scored by sound. It's constantly there guiding your choices, changing your mood in an instant, and making and breaking emotional connections. From sizzling fajitas to Kim K's vocal inflection- from the sound of products and movies you love, to national anthems and forging movements- sound can and has literally changed the world.

Joel Beckerman, Founder and Lead Composer, Man Made Music

Launch What’s NEXT: Doug Herzog
As president of Viacom’s Music & Entertainment Group, Doug Herzog oversees some of the most influential media brands in the world, including MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, Spike and Logo. From his earliest days on the front lines of the cable revolution in the 1980s, Herzog has been at the forefront of our evolving media landscape, and he is widely recognized for creating mega-hits that become cultural phenomena. At MTV, he developed and supervised brand-defining programming including MTV News, The Real World, Unplugged and Road Rules, as well as the network's signature movie and music awards shows. He has launched some of television’s most successful original franchises, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, South Park, Broad City, Key & Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, Hot in Cleveland, and most recently, Lip Sync Battle. Herzog brings all of that experience to bear as he looks at the state of our industry, and where we go from here.

Doug Herzog, President, Viacom Music & Entertainment Group

Interviewed by:
Bill Weir, Host and Executive Producer of "The Wonder List with Bill Weir," CNN

Leading Change Rather Than Following It: What’s Your Transformation Agenda?
TRANSFORMING one’s business, job, brand and even life has never been a more relevant topic. We are living in a time in desperate need for change, be it for the companies in which we work or for our own personal self-belief and motivation. Over the last twenty five years, Will Travis has guided hundreds of global brands, celebrities and business leaders through the critical process of TRANSFORMATION, developed at the front line of many world renowned creative agencies he has led and through his own personal experiences as extreme explorer and entrepreneur.

Will Travis, CEO & Global Senior Partner, Sid Lee USA

Leading For Creative Excellence
How to create a team and organization where ideas and creativity thrive: Do you want to know how to inject creativity into your team and your workplace? Need tangible tips and insights from some of the best organizations around the world? This highly interactive workshop will provide techniques that can be easily implemented and show how one individual leader can make a difference in creating an inspiring “ideas culture.” Beware: Desire to shake things up after this talk is a likely side effect.

Nicole Velik, Director/Founder, The Ideas Bodega

Less Is... with Tig Notaro
Tig Notaro knows comedy. “Tig has always gotten the most amount of laughs," says Sarah Silverman, “with the least amount of words." Notaro also knows tragedy. A diagnosis of cancer inspired an impromptu performance about which Louis CK proclaimed, "I've seen a handful of truly great, masterful standup sets. One was Tig Notaro last night." That performance became a Grammy-nominated album and led to two documentaries, one premiering at Sundance and the other on Showtime. Upcoming is Tig's first HBO special. So who better to impart creative inspiration than this minimalist comic genius? Don’t miss this very special session featuring a standup performance by Notaro followed by a Q&A exploring her creative process, her unique approach to self-marketing and much more.

Tig Notaro, Grammy®-Nominated Comedian

Interviewed by:
Seth Berkowitz, President, Broadcast Division, Workshop Creative

Let's Talk Story
How do you evolve your career within a constantly evolving industry, stay relevant year after year and still keep your creative hot? Executive Creative Director and Filmmaker Maurice Marable knows how. With a career that spans nearly two decades, Marable has moved seamlessly from the promo world to commercials to documentaries to main titles to music videos to fashion film and back again, a feat almost unheard of in our industry. Whatever he touches, it’s always about bringing the story into the creative. It’s about taking risks and growing with those risks. Kendrick Reid sits down with the man whose work has essentially transformed the way we approach promotion to get the story behind the stories, and find out why nothing matters but the story.

Maurice Marable, Executive Creative Director/Filmmaker, Brim+Brew
Kendrick Reid, SVP and Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BET Networks

Managing Up, Down and Over
Good managers need to have their heads on a swivel: Managing up demands results that are loved by leaders. Managing down requires removal of barriers to the team's success. And managing across is about influencing and supporting counterparts. Juggling them all requires a heightened sense of self-awareness and observation, and this session will help managers of all levels of experience develop those crucial skills.

Chuck Carey, Chief Development Officer, mOcean
Kent Rees, General Manager, Pivot

Million Dollar Babies: TV's Top Sports Campaigns
Broadcasters today are spending millions on one of their most valuable assets: sports programming. And for good reason: With viewing habits changing rapidly, sports may well be one of the last reasons to watch live TV. Join us for a ride through the best sports campaigns and brandings from around the world. Have a look at great creative work from different angles: Fans, broadcasters, sponsors-the new ideas and technologies applied and the results achieved with the millions spent.

Bill Bergofin, SVP, Marketing and Promotion - NBC Sports, NBCUniversal
Olivier Schaack, Director of Creative Services, Canal+
Markus Schmidt, CEO and Creative Director, UnitedSenses

Mobile Marketing: Inside and Out of Entertainment
As the small screen becomes the preferred media consumption method, how do marketers maximize the potential of this unique opportunity while minimizing the risks and challenges? Join a panel of mobile marketing experts as they lay out the basics of advertising on the small screen, discuss important tactics (including location-based marketing, social media, data and wearables), and provide real world case studies from inside and outside of entertainment.

Paran Johar, CEO & Founder, Mobile Media Summit

Jonathan Anastas, VP, Global Brand Marketing, Digital/Social, Activision
Greg Crockart, CEO North America, Candyspace Media
Vaino Leskinen, Global Director of Mobile, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY
Mike Margolin, Director of Audience Strategy, RPA

Multiplatform Storytelling: Making Creative That Moves
These days, it's imperative to tell brand stories across multiple platforms. In this session, you'll hear about important brand case studies and gain practical insights to help drive the larger creative strategy of a brand to engage audiences across all devices.

Ross Alvord, VP, Strategy and Editorial, Nickelodeon Creative Promotion
Jennifer Drury, VP, Creative Strategy: Platforms, Nickelodeon Creative Promotion
Jonathan Frederick, Manager of Social Media, Nickelodeon Consumer Marketing
Thomas Rizzo, VP, Creative Director, Nickelodeon Creative Promotion

New Best Practices 2015
Lee Hunt returns for the ever-popular annual roundup of this year's most innovative strategies, inventive tactics, breakthrough creative executions and the latest best practices. From groundbreaking promo campaigns to radical uses of new technologies to smart solutions for age old problems, it's a jam packed hour of the ideas that are changing our business.

Lee Hunt, Principal, Lee Hunt LLC

Pinterest: Tapping into Future Intent
Pinterest attracts foodies, fashionistas, DIYers, viewers and consumers from all walks of life. In this session, Kevin Knight will discuss how people use Pinterest to discover what is next for them, and what that means for entertainment brands. He’ll share insights from Pinterest user research along with case studies from some of the best entertainment campaigns on Pinterest.

Kevin Knight, Head of Agency and Brand Strategy, Pinterest

Pitch Slapped: Improv Therapy!
The key to great creative results is mutual understanding between Client and Agency. Agencies would not exist if clients didn’t need their creative and production power. Sharing perspectives is vital for collaborating on the best ideas. We invite you to be a part of an immersive improv session, to help us all unveil the truth about the pitch process.

Danixa Diaz, Executive Producer, Oishii Creative
Scott Edwards, SVP, On-Air Promotions and Operations, Fox Broadcasting Company
Niels Schuurmans, EVP, Viacom Velocity Creative Content Solutions
Brian Patacca, Founder, Life & Career Coach, Actor Salon
Brett Richards, Creative Director, Brokendoll

Powering Business Through the Lens of Culture
Television is just now catching up to the multiethnic, multiracial, multicultural reality of society. A culturally relevant, authentic brand voice will resonate across audiences and drive business results that attract advertisers. In this session, hear from networks that have successfully broken free from the shackles of demographics to realize a culture-first approach to building audiences and ultimately, driving the bottom line.

Melissa Grego, Consulting Editor, Broadcasting & Cable

Channing Dungey, EVP, Drama Development, Movies & Miniseries, ABC Entertainment Group
Christine Escribano, SVP, Client Solutions, NBCUniversal Hispanic Group
Susan Kresnicka, Cultural Anthropologist, Troika
Jesus Rodriguez, SVP, Marketing, FUSE & NUVOtv

Professional Presence: Earn Your Authority
A title does not a leader make. Don't wait until you have the executive label to build your presence, do it the other way around. Learn to build your presence, hone your conversation style and master presenting while learning how to command a room without controlling the people in it. Discover how to anchor your presence by engaging your authentic self and the integrity of character that shapes you.

Vivi Zigler, President, Digital, Brand & Audience Development, Endemol Shine North America

PromaxBDA Hot Spots Showcase
Don’t miss the annual survey of spots that have the promo world buzzing. Strap in for an eye-popping, gobsmacking showcase of the year’s best marketing and promotional work from the television industry. If your stuff’s here, you’ll be proud. If not, maybe a little envious. (Next year, dammit! Next year…) Either way, we promise you’ll be entertained and inspired.

Dan Bragg, SVP, Marketing, Science Channel
Mark Valentine, Creative Director & Co-Owner, ANATOMY

The Promo Catwalk
This season’s buzziest promos are decked in the latest fashion statements. Whether sporting cheeky knowingness or dark intensity, these dazzling new reads live in the world of the stories they tell, inviting the audience to do the same. While Classic Announce is the blue blazer of promo, the most wanted trendsetters networks and shows seek to attract are the ones that exhibit their own sense of style and respond to the shock of the new. Join us as powerful players are put through their paces, illustrating the New Wave of deliveries with which to dazzle, enroll entice and enchant your audience.

Marice Tobias, Director, Tobias Entertainment

Promoting Promos
Once upon a time, a strong on-air promo was the most important tool in the lead up to a new show. But with the arrival of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat and Vine, it’s increasingly all about promoting the promo. By carefully planning ahead and creating assets specifically targeted to those individual social channels, marketing can be teased out far in advance of the release of the promo, in effect eventizing the “premiere” of the promo. Hear from top social media experts and creators about how to make the most of promos— with strategic tweets, stills, BTS, gifs, sneak peeks, and more, all designed to stoke the fan feeding-frenzy.

Dave Holmes, Writer/TV Host, Esquire, FX, MTV, Comedy Central
Bex Schwartz, Creative Director of Awesomeness, AlkemyX

Shark Week: Creating a Pop Phenomenon
Shark Week is a campaign with only one rule: There are no rules (except convincing upper management). Meet the team who has literally swam with sharks and helped re-energize a 27-year-old franchise by making it the highest-rated week, two years in a row. How did they sell in the “Snuffy" creative where a lovable seal gets eaten by a shark? What keeps the social and digital engagement at an all-time high? Hear what it took to increase the partnerships by 123%. How have they found fresh ways to integrate ad sales clients? Oh, and what was it like working with Rob Lowe and Billy Idol? It’s a tell-all panel.

Lara Richardson, SVP, Marketing, Discovery Channel

Conal Byrne, SVP, Digital Media – TV Networks, Discovery Communications
Josh Kovolenko, VP, Marketing Strategy, Discovery Communications
Peter McKeon, Creative Director, AV Squad
Jennifer Pennybacker, VP, Branded Entertainment, Discovery

The Simpsons – FXX: Every. Episode. Ever.
Every. Episode. Ever. A new channel that's barely out of the gate. An application that doesn't exist yet. And every episode ever created from one of the most ubiquitous entertainment brands on the planet. Take a look behind the yellow curtain at the strategic and creative efforts aligned against the record-breaking entertainment event that became the launch of Simpsons World on FXX and FXNow.

Brett Ashy, President, The Ashy Agency

Ethan Adelman, VP, On-Air Promotions, FX Networks
Sally Daws, SVP, Marketing & Digital Media Marketing, FX Networks
Stephanie Gibbons, President, Marketing, Digital Media Marketing and On-Air Promotions, FX Networks
Todd Heughens, SVP, Print Design, FX Networks
Jason Phipps, VP, Digital Media Marketing, FX Networks
John Varvi, SVP, On-Air Promotions, FX Networks
Steve Viola, SVP, Broadcast Design, FX Networks

Too often we hear about social media “campaigns," but that implies a specific project with time parameters. Social media isn't the venue for campaigns so much as it's a means for creating constant, ongoing dialog with fans, customers, and whomever you’re trying to reach. With the rise of time shifting and binge watching, it's crucial to ignite conversations with fans about your brand, regardless of time. In this session you'll hear about best practices for keeping your brand top of mind in via social media, round the clock, and year round.

Jeannine Irons, Senior Director, Social and Digital Marketing, Syfy Channel
Sean Lynam, Digital Strategist, GLOW Interactive

Star Wars Rebels: Igniting a Global Launch
It's a challenging time in the galaxy as the Evil Empire tightens its grip throughout the farthest reaches of the universe. Force-sensitive creative and marketing teams must use Jedi mind tricks and light-saber focus to find a way to introduce Star Wars Rebels to a new generation of kids, re-engage their parents as well as super fans around the globe. This session will unlock the secret strategy behind one of Disney XD's largest and most successful campaigns. WARNING! May contain major spoilers if you aren't up-to-date on Star Wars Rebels! Caution is advised.

Jill Hotchkiss, VP, Marketing and Creative Disney XD, The Walt Disney Company

Vincent Aricco, Creative Director, Disney Channels Worldwide
John Ewart, Art Director, Disney
Richard Loomis, SVP, CMO, Disney Channels Worldwide
Lon Moeller II, President, Broadcast, Open Road Entertainment

State of Design
Stay inspired and informed as Stash Magazine editor Stephen Price guides you through the year's most innovative and influential commercials, music videos, broadcast design, game cinematics and short films. This popular showcase always packs a load of surprises, zagging from massive VFX-driven ad campaigns to quirky student films and back to outrageous music projects-all in the name of making connections, spotting trends and hunting down the State of Design.

Stephen Price, Editor/Creative Director, Stash Media, Inc.

State of Our Art
Sometimes, during the course of our long work hours and daily grinds, we lose sight of the fact that what we create can and does move masses, inspire unexpectedly, affect change and shape behavior. And, oh yeah, make us laugh. Tag along on an exhilarating exploration of the best big ideas from the past 12 months both from our television universe and beyond. If it goes as planned (and we have a hunch it will), you'll leave with renewed creative vigor, redoubled commitment and keen insights about the future of our craft. That, or at least a smile on your face.

Vicky Free, EVP, CMO, BET Networks | A Viacom Company
Jesse Redniss, Co-Founder, BRaVe Ventures

Take Your Seat at the Table: Tools for a Confident Communicator
No matter your field of endeavor, confidence is one of the keys to success and a necessary element for effective brainstorming, collaboration and innovation. Whatever your title, you have a voice and perspective that matters-it's time to use it. In this very interactive workshop, you'll identify what can positively and negatively impact how confident you feel. You'll walk away with approaches that will help you become a better communicator.

Katerina Zacharia, Managing Principal, Korn Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting

There’s an App for That: Revolution in Content Delivery
I want my MTV. I don’t want [fill in the blank]. For years, the response from bundle-wielding cable providers to consumers’ call for choice was “tough luck.” But with the wave of new a la carte services, that’s suddenly unraveling, and app-happy fans are lapping it up. The industry is entering an exciting, tumultuous new era, and this session will examine all that that entails. This revolution will be televised. And streamed. What does that mean for your business, network or agency? Answers here!

Dawn Chmielewski, Senior Editor, Mobile, Re/code

Matthew Evans, SVP, Digital, Viacom Kids and Family Group
Evan S. Shapiro, EVP Digital Enterprises, NBCUniversal
Christy Tanner, SVP and GM, CBS Interactive Media Group

Tools and Techniques to Turbo-Charge Your Creativity
Creativity is what gives people and organizations a competitive advantage in today's world. Now more than ever people need to strengthen their creativity in order to innovate and solve challenges big and small. The number one problem is that many people don't realize how creative they actually are. The truth is we are all creative and can't afford not to be. In this interactive keynote, Nicole Velik from The Ideas Bodega will load you up with powerful tools and techniques and show you how easy it is to come up with game changing creative ideas. Nicole draws on her life experience from working in global advertising agencies in Sydney and New York and shares anecdotes that will inspire, entertain and leave you wanting to apply what you've learnt right away to your own challenges. This keynote will be stimulating, fun and highly interactive. Your creative thinking ability will be stretched to a new level. If you don't currently think you are very creative, you will after this session.

Nicole Velik, Director/Founder, The Ideas Bodega

TV X Twitter: The Live Influence
The very nature of Twitter — live, public, conversational, and distributed — has led to significant innovations in the way TV is both produced and consumed. Influential by nature, Twitter’s live & time delayed impact proves to be an invaluable resource for networks seeking to understand how audiences engage with shows. Utilizing Twitter’s suite of tools, media partners can share rich, media forward content and experiences through Periscope, Q&A’s, live-tweets, consumer facing video and more. Many shows and networks have doubled down on social and subsequently reaped the benefits of increased buzz, conversation and ratings. The TV x Twitter audience is valuable in and of itself but also represents the TV population as a whole - offering a wealth of insights to brands and media partners alike.

Cait Hood, Head of Broadcast Partnerships, Twitter
Joanne Park, Head of Cable TV Partnerships, Twitter

Virtual Reality’s Reality Check
The term virtual reality has been with us for some time now, and for many, the terms associated with it—revolutionary, game changer, disruptive technology—have proven to be so much hyperbole. But is that finally beginning to change? At studios and firms across the entertainment industry, new applications and, perhaps more importantly, new content is being created that many are saying actually starts to live up to the hype. Are we finally on the cusp of a brave new world in entertainment? Learn what all the buzz is about.

Kate McCallum, Producer, Transmedia Consultant, Vortex Immersion Media

Lyndon Barrois, Animation Director, Blackthorn Media
Michael Conelly, Creative Director, Blackthorn Media
Thomas Jorion, Innovation & Strategy - GM, Havas Media
Ed Lantz, President and CEO, Vortex Immersion Media
Andrew Vick, Chief Content Officer, Surreal

What’s NEXT: Keeping Ahead of the Marketing Curve
We are a community of creators. We create brands, we create audiences, we create cultural moments. We live in a world of what's next: next week, next season, next big thing. As our industry continues to evolve, we must harness what's next in entertainment marketing—connecting today's content to tomorrow's audiences. It can all be a little daunting, but also incredibly exciting. If anyone has insights as to how to make your brand stand out when the rules and tools keep changing, it’s media leader Lauren Zalaznick. Join this insightful, inspiring session on keeping brands relevant in a hyper-evolving landscape.

Lauren Zalaznick, Founder, LZ Sunday Paper and Veteran Cable Leader

Interviewed By:
Ze Frank, President, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

You Promote It. Why Not Create it? Leaping from Promos to Long Form
Entrenched on the frontlines of TV’s promo business is an army of short-form producers delivering the campaigns that make or break a show’s tune-in. We live it. We breathe it. We do it in our sleep. We know what viewers want, and we know how to sell it. So why not go beyond the promo and become the promoted? If you’re considering transitioning to the other side, this session will delve into the anatomy of a sale, imparting valuable tips from the agents, network buyers, producers and promo people who have made the leap to long form. Attendees will draw inspiration from both sides of the promotional coin in creating successful content, whether in the form of promos, original series or specials.

Sharon Levy, EVP, Original Series, Spike
Collin Reno, Partner and Co-Head, WME
Chris Sloan, President/Chief Creative Officer, 2C Creative
Stu J. Weiss, Chief Creative Officer/Owner, Studio City

YouTube and the Youth Demo: Use It Or Lose It
The big news about the 13-24 demo is that cohort’s decline in TV watching and increase in digital consumption. This group has been able to download or stream whatever content they want—whenever they want—from the day they could work a keyboard. Digital is second-nature, highly relevant and uniquely suited for their always-on lifestyle. To the marketer and content creator, this can either be a terrifying realization or a terrific opportunity. This session will help put you squarely in the latter camp by looking at how successful creators are harnessing the power and reach of social media in content discovery and the factors that get youth to stop, watch, and share. Take a deep-dive into the thematic elements that appeal to youth, including the phenomenon of YouTube celebrities, their growing influence among Millennials, and how marketers can leverage the power of these modern day celebrities to create “thumb-stopping” content.

Jon Erlichman, Media & Tech Journalist, The Wrap, ABC News

Steve Mikalis, SVP, West Coast Sales, DEFY Media
Andy Tu, EVP, Marketing, DEFY Media


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mOcean is one of the entertainment industry’s leading creative advertising and marketing firms. Our clients include film studios, broadcast and cable networks, and digital media platforms.



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A creative studio driven by passion, fueled by ideas and built on results.


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Ignition is a creative company that pioneers new forms of storytelling with technology. We create unique brand experiences that are meaningful, entertaining, useful and beautiful.



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Nutmeg Post is an award-winning creative communications resource specializing in full-spectrum production and post-production. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Nutmeg emphasizes a fully collaborative process from conceptualization, ideation and video production, to editing, sound engineering and color grading.



We are an entertainment branding and creative agency. We forge deeper connections between brands and audiences through a balance of strategic insight and creative ingenuity.


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Warner/Chappell Production Music unites successful independents Non-Stop Music, 615 Music, Groove Addicts, V – the production library and many more to bring you the very best catalog, custom and news music in the industry.


Lifetime Television

Lifetime is a premier female-focused entertainment destination dedicated to offering the highest quality original programming spanning scripted series, nonfiction series and movies.



Stream:20 is a marketing consultancy focused on helping clients achieve sales growth by creating and deploying digital marketing strategies.



Dixon is a boutique creative agency that believes in a tailored approach. We create a custom fit just for you by putting talent to task.



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We create original marketing content for the most innovative brands and entertainment networks in the world. 7ate9. It's no joke.



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Syndrome Studio offers innovative design and direction for broadcast as well as full-service production for live action.



BACON & SONS FILM CO. is a full-service creative agency specializing in branded activations, show launches and all manner of network promotion. And Bacon.


Alibi Music Production Library

Theatrical quality music to back up any story in all media offering the highest standard of service and production. And Endless Orange Robots.


BDA Creative

We are a leading branding agency based at the foot of the Alps in Munich. We have been developing international television brands for more than 10 years.



VideoHelper is an independent production music library in New York City that specializes in making promo-centric production music for people who hate production music.



FlashingBlinkyLights (FBL) has been selling quality LED logoed products since 2001. We are pleased to bring you fast-turnaround and top quality light-up products.



NATPE puts content first and is the global content marketplace for a digital world. NATPE is where creativity meets connectivity and commerce.


Vision Media Management

Vision Media Management (VMM) is the industry’s premier marketing services and consumer products fulfillment company, serving a worldwide client base. VMM continues to provide cutting-edge technology for digital content distribution and asset management solutions.

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Charlie Company

Established in 2004, Charlie Company is an award-winning creative agency specializing in promotional and design-driven content for entertainment brands. From strategy through delivery, we combine design, storytelling, animation and live action to build campaigns that connect.

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Look-Listen designs and develops inspired digital experiences that are measured through deeply integrated analytics. We’re creative thinkers, problem solvers, and revenue builders.

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At Zetta² we help you find your tribe - and your tribe find you - by creating targeted brand experiences that extend across platforms to reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.