Promax Europe 2020 FAQ


What is happening with Promax Europe 2020?

Due to the real concern and uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID19 or 2019-nCoV) and its impact on our global community, Promax has decided to postpone Promax Europe 2020 from 16-17 March until fall 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience. Read Steve Kazanjian’s, President & CEO of Promax, full statement here.

I’m already registered, how will this impact me?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please refer to our attendee policy. Please contact to discuss your options.

I’m interested in attending Promax Europe 2020 later this year, can I still book?

We appreciate your interest. Please contact and we will work with you to book your space.

Will Promax offer refunds due to the current global health situation?

We would like to discuss your options. Please contact For more information you can also read our attendee policy.

How can I stay up-to-date on what’s happening with Promax Europe 2020?

You can make sure to subscribe to our email list and continue to check out the Promax Europe 2020 website.

I’m a finalist for the 2020 Promax Europe Awards, how does this impact the results?

The results for the 2020 Promax Europe Awards will still be announced during the awards show at Promax Europe on its rescheduled date (to be determined). We look forward to celebrating all your achievements in person. If you have specific questions regarding the 2020 Promax Europe Awards, please contact Sam Jae at

What about the 2020 Promax Europe Awards show? Will that still be happening?

Yes, we will be celebrating the wonderful work submitted for the 2020 Promax Europe Awards at the live show which will occur during the rescheduled Promax Europe conference. Check back to the Promax Europe page or click here to subscribe to stay up-to-date. If you have specific questions regarding the 2020 Promax Europe Award show, please contact Sam Jae at

Where can I receive more information about the novel coronavirus (COVID19 or 2019-nCoV)?

The best resource for news and information about the prevention of coronavirus is the World Health Organization.

For additional questions regarding the postponement of Promax Europe 2020, please reach out to

What is Promax Europe?

Promax is Europe’s leading entertainment marketing and design event. This can’t miss two-day conference brings together the top marketing and design teams from across the industry to explore new strategies, network, and showcase the greatest creative in entertainment marketing. The conference will close on 17 March with the Promax Europe Awards 2020, the world’s premier prize for outstanding achievement in entertainment marketing and design.

Who can attend Promax Europe 2020?

Promax Europe 2020 is open to anyone 18 or older with a valid 2020 Promax membership. To join Promax as a new member or renew your existing membership, please visit or contact

What are the dates for Promax Europe 2020?

Promax Europe 2020 has been postponed until fall 2020. Please check back for more information.

Can I transfer my pass to another person?

Yes, you can transfer your registration and pass to another person with a valid 2020 Promax membership who works at your same company provided you make your request in writing before 06 March 2020 at Registrations are not transferable outside of the company for which they were originally purchased. Promax reserves the right to refuse requests to transfer registrations and passes and issue a refund instead, pursuant to our stated refund policy.

Can I get a refund?

Registrations cancelled more than 45 days (31 January 2020) before the event are eligible for an 50% refund of the the registration fees paid. Future event registration for an company with an unpaid balance due to non-remittance, late cancellation or non-attendance will not be approved until full payment received.

Memberships are non-refundable or transferable.

How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

Please email Anush Payaslyan at to request visa documentation by 14 February 2020. We require that you purchase a conference pass before we will send you the visa invitation.

Are there any discounts for groups?

Yes. Please contact Aurelio Farrell at for more information about group discounts.

How can I pay for Promax Europe 2020?

All registration fees for Promax Europe 2020 are in Euros €. The following forms of payment accepted: a valid major credit card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa). We also accept payment via invoice. All fees must be received prior to the event or paid onsite before a badge will be issued. Please contact registration@promax.orgfor more information.

Can I suggest a speaker for the conference?

While we are no longer accepting speaker and session submissions for 2020, please feel free to contact our conference director, Lester Mordue, to discuss future speaker opportunities. He can be reached at

I’m interested in volunteering at Promax Europe 2020, how can I apply?

We do not currently offer any volunteer opportunities at Promax Europe 2020.

How can I become a sponsor and exhibit at Promax Europe 2020?

Please contact Liz Saul at for further information on sponsor and exhibitor opportunities at Promax Europe 2020

Does the registration fee include air transportation and hotel accommodations?

All costs for travel, including air transportation, ground transfers, hotel accommodations, and incidentals are the responsibility of the attendee.

Can I purchase a guest pass to the parties, networking opportunities, and other social events?

No, we do not offer guest social passes at Promax Europe 2020. All social and networking events require a conference badge for admittance.

Can I purchase a pass for the awards ceremony only?

We do not sell awards ceremony passes separate from the full conference registration. You must have a valid conference badge to enter the Promax Europe Awards 2020 ceremony on 17 March 2020.

Will I receive confirmation of my conference registration?

Yes. After you register online, you will receive an automated email confirming your registration. If you don’t receive your confirmation email, please contact Anush Payaslyan at so we can send you another confirmation email.

I am a member of the press? May I apply for a press pass?

Promax invites working journalists representing accredited media outlets to apply for credentials to cover our conferences. Qualifications of all media outlets will be determined by Promax, and the association reserves the right to revoke credentials at any time. Press credentials do not guarantee admission to all sessions, programs, events, and parties associated with a conference.

Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity will not qualify for a press credential including: Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Managers, Marketing, PR, Sales, and Senior Level Managerial staff.

Employees of creative agencies engaged in blogging to promote their company’s work, clients, and activities will not qualify for a press credential. Publicists and personal representatives of confirmed speakers at a Promax conference should speak with their contact on the Speaker Management Team to discuss admission to the conference.

To apply for a press credential: please email Chad Freeman at with the following:

  • A bylined entertainment marketing and design-related article from your publication written by you and published within the past three months (the copy must clearly show the name of the publication and your byline).
  • Freelance journalists: please also send a letter from your editor on publication letterhead stating that you will be attending a Promax conference on assignment.

I won a Promax Award! How do I order a statue?

Congratulations! Please contact for further assistance.

What is Promax’s overall policy on accessibility?

Promax welcomes the participation of individuals with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to enable equitable participation at Promax Europe 2020.

How can I request accessibility accommodations and/or services at Promax Europe 2020?

You can request accessibility accommodations and services when registering for Promax Europe 2020 by indicating that you have accessibility requirements. A representative will call you to discuss your needs to make sure your experience on site is enjoyable.

Does Promax have a code of conduct for the event?

Yes, you can find the code of conduct below:

Promax Code of Conduct

All persons attending Promax events in any capacity are expected to adhere to the Promax Code of Conduct below. Questions about the Promax Code of Conduct may be directed to

Promax is committed to providing a harassment-free conference for everyone. Promax does not tolerate abusive behavior or harassment of any nature, towards anyone, including attendees, guests, speakers, Promax and production staff, and venue staff and contractors. Anyone found to be violating our Code of Conduct will be expelled from the Conference by the organizers without a refund, and will be banned from participating in any Promax activities in the future, including, but not limited to: conferences, awards, parties, networking events, programs, and membership.

Harassment includes deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, offensive verbal comments related to race, religion, ethnicity, national or regional origin, gender identity, gender expression, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, physical abilities, physical appearance, body size, and military service, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of conference activities, sexually explicit imagery in public spaces, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Anyone asked to stop any harassing behavior is expected to comply immediately.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of conference staff immediately by finding a staff member in the rear of all session rooms or at the registration desk.

Conference staff are available to help attendees contact venue security or local law enforcement, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe at the conference.

What is the Promax photo and video policy for conferences?

Notice of Filming and Photography

Promax International/BPME sometimes d.b.a. Promax, PromaxBDA, or Promax/BDA (“Promax”) reserves the right to broadcast and transmit recorded content via TV, satellite, cable, internet, and any other means of distribution. Promax also reserves the right to capture photographic images and video footage during the conference and all associated events and use them for promotional purposes. By entering the conference venues, including the main session site, and all official party and networking sites, you agree to be filmed, photographed and recorded. You also agree that all material captured by Promax may be used by Promax and its partners for promotional purposes, worldwide, without any further consent, and without any compensation.