Promax Roundtable featuring MarketCast

June 2, 2021


9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET





Everything You Wanted to Know About Connected TV (but were afraid to ask)

Connected TVs offer incredible opportunities for marketers to reach targeted and engaged audiences. The challenge? A lot of marketers are still confused about what a connected TV actually is, does, and how they can plan and activate campaigns on them. In this intimate, virtual round table session with select Promax members, Tom Weiss, Chief Data Scientist from MarketCast, will cut through the tech jargon to discuss Connected TV formats, devices, capabilities, and popular use cases. Weiss will provide data showing how broadcasters and studios have successfully tapped into these platforms to drive tune-in for TV series and purchases of recent PVOD movie releases. Session attendees will be encouraged to ask questions, with the goal of supercharging their knowledge about the Connected TV landscape.