How Web3 & Blockchain Will Change Marketing Forever with Landy Slattery

What is the blockchain/web3 and why do we care? Why pay money for a jpeg? What does the future of brand experiences look like in the metaverse? At a moment in time when creativity and technology are colliding, this session will delve into the answers to all these questions and more. Learn what the future might look like — and how brands are responding to this brave new world.

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Unplugged Sounds Louder with Curro Piqueras Parra, Executive Creative Director at DUDE: London

We’re constantly bombarded with content and notifications of all sorts, all the time. It is hard for brands to cut through. But disconnecting from the digital realm can be a shortcut to a deeper connection, where sounds and sensations become amplified and easier to remember. When the music is unplugged, you listen with more attention.

That’s why experiential marketing, OOH, and activations have emerged as the backbone of communication for many entertainment brands. Why is this happening, who is leading and how can we thrive in this new paradigm?