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PromaxBDA Student Story Challenge

In television marketing, the job is to promote a network brand, a television show or a special television event like the Emmys, the Oscars or the MLB All-Star Game to an audience with an objective to get them to watch.

If you were to produce a :30, :60 or :90 spot promoting your own personal brand, what would your story be? What images would you use? What would be your soundtrack? And what words would best promote you?

Take a minute.

Think about who you are.

What do you love?

How are you unique?

What makes you the talent you are?

Storytelling is at the heart of all marketing and promotion, so now, give us your story.



Mar 19, 2014

We are no longer accepting submissions


Robert Anderson

Principal, Ronan Media & Management

Robert Anderson brings over 20 years of experience from various marketing, media, and sales to his position as chief development officer at Sapling Pictures. Anderson began his career producing and managing advertising and marketing projects for Discovery Channel, where he worked on executing campaigns such as “Shark Week.” He has won numerous awards, including an NAACP Image award and teaches at Marymount University’s school of business.

Paul Brodie

Managing Creative Director, Troika

Paul Brodie manages the creative team at Troika LA, in addition to being responsible for its brand strategy, activation, and design. Brodie previously worked as creative director for ABC Networks; art director for Showtime; and designer, animator, and junior director for Sky Sports. Brodie has been the recipient of numerous industry awards including 10 New York Festivals, 16 Promax Internationals, 3 Columbus Nationals, 2 National Emmys, and 1 Peabody.

Christopher Doyle

Creative Director, Travel Channel

Christopher Doyle—creative director for the general advertising, promotion, and branding across the Travel Channel—has helped rebrand the network and has elevated the overall advertising and promotion. Doyle started his career in the design and ad world before moving into the entertainment industry, where he has worked with brands such as the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Amanda Hanig

Creative Director, Stun Creative

As creative director at Stun Creative, Amanda Hanig oversees the company’s creative from concept through production, editorial, and delivery. Previously, Hanig oversaw the launch of reality show, “Real Housewives of Orange County” at Bravo and later joined the CBS crew as creative director of Daytime. She was quickly promoted to Primetime and directed two spots in the 2013 Super Bowl—one of which was a collaboration with photographer and director, David LaChappelle, for the show “2 Broke Girls.”

Robert Poulton

Senior Director - Design, CNN

Robert Poulton is the Senior Director-Design for the award winning CNN Creative Marketing team. Through his leadership and  talented team of multi-disciplined designers, Mr. Poulton is responsible for the design of CNN marketing efforts on all platforms, including TV, digital and print. Projects his team have worked on include Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, W. Kamau Bell United Shades of America, CNN Politics, CNN Films and many others.

In addition to his duties, in 2016, Mr. Poulton lead the design, development and implementation of "CNN Sans," CNN's first company wide typeface that is now used and distributed to all CNN bureaus and partners globally.

Prior to joining CNN in 2003, Mr. Poulton was a Senior Designer at ABC Television, KGO-TV in San Francisco. He has also held the position of Broadcast Designer at Global Television in Toronto Canada and started his design career as a print designer.

Robert Poulton is a graduate of Sheridan College School of Craft and Design in Toronto, Canada. He also holds a Business and Marketing Diploma from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.

Albert Romero

VP, Broadcast Design, FX Networks/StudioFX

Albert Romero holds the position of vice president of broadcast design for FX Networks/StudioFX. He began his career in 1999 as a broadcast designer.