Mentoring is collaborative self-reflection. Armed with a genuine and humble commitment to self-reflect, both the mentor and the mentee will grow. A mentor uses his or her experience to help his or her mentee make sense of their reality. A mentee self-reflects and analyzes his or her own experience with the mentor’s guidance.

Know that a great mentoring experience demands both mentor and mentee embrace discomfort and change. It is within that space of ambiguity and uncertainty where mentees make great strides in personal and professional development and mentors find themselves in a state of self-reflection.

Use the monthly suggested topics as an opportunity to work with your mentor on key areas of development as each section spotlights a specific skill. The purpose of them is not to shackle the mentoring partnership, but to serve as a resource to anchor the conversations you will have over the course of the year.

We encourage you to take advantage of the space provided to jot down notes, self-reflect, capture the wise insights of your mentor and the inspirations that disrupt your assumptions and transform how you look at yourself and your career.

Enjoy the journey and grow through the experience.

The PromaxBDA Team

Suggested Topic for March: Your Executive Presence   August Spotlight

Suggested Topic for January: Your Personal Brand   August Spotlight

Suggested Topic for December: Storytelling: Formation Story   August Spotlight

Suggested Topic for September: Work-Life Fit   August Spotlight

Suggested Topic for August: Personal Strengths Assessment     August Spotlight

Roger Hyde

March Spotlight
Roger Hyde
AT​&T Entertainment Group SVP, Advertising and Creative Services

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