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Mentee Spotlight: Philip Agnello

Philip Agnello Tell us about your role.
I’m a Promo Producer at AMI-tv in Toronto; a not-for-profit cable channel geared towards a blind and low-vision audience. My primary role is to create on-air promotions from concept to delivery, and every step in-between.
What are you most proud of having achieved in your job?
In 2015, I led a brand refresh for our on-air look and sound. I initially proposed and explained the need to update our on-air packaging, I then made a presentation to the stakeholders from all departments on the current state of TV graphics and branding, then finally created and pitched the new look and brand positioning. We launched the full package in correspondence with our newly updated fall schedule, and focus group research has revealed a positive audience response.
How did you identify your strengths and how have you leveraged them?
I always strive to be the best, and seek out new opportunities to challenge myself to be better. By pushing myself to take on new challenges - and holding myself accountable to a high standard - I’m able to identify natural strengths, while also developing new ones.
What have been the results you’ve seen?

So many skills are transferable; by building a broad set of knowledge and tools, it makes it much easier to continue to take on new, bigger challenges. I went to college for record production, and now I’ve authored a best practices on TV graphic design for a low-vision audience…it’s all about challenging yourself.
What made you decide to apply for the PromaxBDA mentoring program?

I felt that I’m at a point in my career where I could greatly benefit from the knowledge and support of a successful, experienced mentor.  As I continue to set higher goals for myself, I wanted guidance on how to continue to progress professionally.
What did you believe you could learn and grow as a result of being in the program?
I was looking to learn strategies to best position myself for new opportunities. I thought this program could help me grow by being exposed to new perspectives on leadership, commercial networks, and the US market.