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Roger Hyde, AT​&T Entertainment Group SVP, Advertising and Creative Services

Roger Hyde What does executive presence mean to you?
A distinct level of confidence, respect and the command of a room without being intimidating. 
What do you do to engage your audience?  How do you listen? How do you deliver your idea?
You have to learn to “read" the room and know how to affect and alter your pace, delivery, word choice and how much of your own personality you incorporate into the message. How you say something is almost more important as what you say.
How can we determine the effectiveness of our executive presence?
Ask yourself the following questions: Are you making your point succinctly? Are there more questions than answers after you have made your point? Have you told the room how to build a clock instead of just telling them the time? How intently do you engage the people you are talking to? Do you look them in the eyes? How confident do you make THEM feel that you have matters under control?
Does engaging yourself in extracurricular work activities, meetings and events affect your executive presence?

It can certainly help, but the best prep is to be organized, know what points you need to make, make them and move on.
What is the most important thing to consider when developing your executive presence?

How seriously will you be perceived and how well can you convey a sense of confidence and control.