Using In-Video Search with AnyClip

As a part of the Promax community, you have access to an amazing collection of video content. From last year’s Promax Award winners to videos within our Content Library, there’s always something to discover. But sometimes, it’s daunting to even think about sorting through so many video clips to find a specific spot or moment you want. That’s what in-video search is for.

What is In-Video Search?

When you search videos on Promax, powered by AnyClip, you don’t need to remember the title of the video you’re looking for or scroll through a giant list. The search actually looks inside the video, indexing talent, brands, objects, keywords, speech, and written text. Even better, it doesn’t just return the most relevant videos; you can jump straight to the moment in the video you’re thinking of. It’s the smart way to search: no more scrolling.

Find out more ways AnyClip can be used for your digital library. 

Using In-Video Search with AnyClip

Start out by entering your query or search term in the search bar. For example, you might search for a brand, like Apple TV+, Hallmark, or NBCUniversal. As an illustration, let’s go even more specific. Maybe you want to look for Anderson Cooper within CNN clips. Type “Anderson Cooper” and “CNN.”

STEP 2: 
You’ll get a list of the most relevant videos based on your search, and choose the video you’re interested in watching.

Once you’ve chosen a video, you can dig deeper. You’ll find a “Deep Search” tab next to your video that highlights where your search terms show up in the video’s timeline.

It’s even color-coded so you can easily navigate through the different potential references:

Just click on any of the tags that have been surfaced, and you’ll jump straight to that point in the video! For example, if you click on a blue CNN tag, you’ll be taken to the moment the logo appears. If you click a green “people” tag for “Anderson Cooper,” you’ll jump to the first time his face appears. On the other hand, a purple audio “Anderson Cooper” tag will take you to when his name is mentioned, while an orange text “Anderson Cooper” tag will take you to when his name is printed onscreen. It’s easy to find the exact context you were looking for.

Want to narrow things down further? Once you’re in a video, you can continue to change your search terms to explore that video.

Now, finding the precise moment in a video you’re thinking about only takes a moment. It’s just as easy to find every video in the database on a particular topic or featuring a specific person. Your search can be as smart as you are.

More Ways to Use AnyClip

AnyClip is the perfect tool for agencies, creatives, marketing, and promotional teams – anyone responsible for developing and producing marketing and promotional content in the media and entertainment industry.

  • Make it easy for creatives and agencies to quickly access specific scenes, moments, and frames within video without spending hours scrolling for footage for a desired moment. You can instantly identify the exact moment you need within a video, just as you would within a text document. It’s search made easy.
  • Create an online video hub that drives more subscribers, viewership, and revenue by surfacing your entire library through in-video search, content recommendations, shoppable links, and automated ad campaigns.
  • Centralize and organize your videos in a secure, searchable archive that offers full transparency and ease of use for asset managers and internal clients.
  • Build a members-only portal to showcase live and on-demand content.
  • Create a branded and authenticated self-service portal for your partners to quickly onboard, access assets, and go to market.
  • Leverage the Visual Intelligence API to add cutting-edge data enhancement and machine learning detection models to your video processes.

Learn how to get more from your video.

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